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West Indies May ‘Cease To Exist’ If Players Prioritise T20 Leagues

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West Indies cricket may “cease to exist” unless the issue of its players prioritising global Twenty20 leagues ahead of international duties is resolved, according to a report commissioned by Cricket West Indies (CWI)

West Indies justice may” cease to live” unless the issue of its players prioritising global Twenty20 leagues ahead of transnational duties is resolved, according to a report commissioned by Cricket West Indies( CWI). The report from a three- man panel made up of former captain and fur great Brian Lara, educated South African trainer Mickey Arthur and a elderly judge Patrick Thompson, was commissioned after West Indies’ shock early exit from last time’s T20 World Cup in Australia.

West Indies have plodded with vacuity issues for players who feature in the Indian Premier League and other T20 competitions around the world.

“It’s essential that some middle ground is arrived at. else, West Indies justice may cease to live as an reality.”

“This group doesn’t indulge in doomsday prognostications but no reality, sporting or else, has a feasible future if its gift isn’t exercised and effectively managed,” the report added.

“It isn’t in the stylish interests of West Indies justice that our stylish players play in every global league and play for the WI Team on an voluntary base,” the report said.

The report prompted a” foursquare and honest discussion” about the issue in order to find a result to what it called an” impasse”

One of the issues blocking better agreement about player schedules and vacuity is the long- standing conflicts between players and CWI, the report said.

“In this group’s view, there’s significant mistrust between the players and administration and this mistrust is inimical to icing that the stylish 11 players turn out for the WI Team in every match,” the report said.

The report made a series of recommendations for perfecting the functioning of the West Indies platoon ahead of the 2024 T20 World Cup which will be held in the Caribbean and the United States.

But the authors didn’t back the idea of a separate trainer for red ball and white ball brigades given the limited quantum of Test justice being played.

They also suggested that crucial players for the T20 side should be given further exposure to Test justice in order to get used to the conditions and standard of opposition.

West Indies have enjoyed success in the T20 format, winning the World Cup in 2012 and 2016– only England have also won the competition doubly.

But in Australia, the Caribbean side finished bottom of their group, finishing behind Zimbabwe, Ireland and Scotland.

The report said the platoon were” unprepared” and refocused the cutlet at the short time between the Caribbean Premier League event and the T20 World Cup.

The report said that unless change was made, the gift pool of Caribbean players risked being used by others.

“WI justice doesn’t lack for gift but our small size in comparison with other cricketing nations means that we can not go to lose any talented players.

“Cricket West Indies( CWI) must develop and produce clear pathways for the identification, development and operation of gift. else, WI justice runs the threat of being strip- booby-trapped by other professional leagues that can go to gather and develop our players for their benefit.” Know More News…

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