PSG vs Al Nassr-Al Hilal XI: Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe all on the scoresheet as PSG win 5-4

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PSG vs Al Nassr-Al Hilal Saudi All-Star XI Match Highlights: Lionel Mesi-led PSG defeated Cristiano Ronaldo-led Saudi side 5-3.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored two pretensions in his first game in Saudi Arabia since subscribing for Al Nassr. The Portuguese transnational led the Saudi All Star XI in a friendly institution against Paris Saint Germain in Riyadh. The European titans won 5- 4, with both Lionel Messi – Ronaldo’s long- time rival – and Kylian Mbappe also on the scoresheet.

It was a huge occassion for Saudi Arabia, with the match an amusing prospect for the first hour. Messi scored in the first many twinkles, Ronaldo won a penalty to equalise. The Portuguese would equalise again to indeed out Marquinhos ’ thing, before PSG took control in the alternate, thanks to a Kylian Mbappe penalty. The Frenchman was, by far, the stylish player on the night.

Lineups PSG Navas; Hakimi, Ramos, Marquinhos, Bernat; Ruiz, Soler, Sanches; Messi, Neymar, Mbappe. Al Nassr- Al Hilal XI Al Owais; Al Ghanam, Soo Jang, Al Bulayhi, Abdulhamid; Kanno, Gustavo, Pereira; Carilloa, Talisca, Ronaldo.

He won and took a domestic free kick, before a hopeful long shot is rebounded to his left bottom and he converts. Ronaldo, Messi on the scoresheet. Two penalties, one saved. A transferring off. Saudi Arabia getting their plutocrat’s worth at half time. Zonal marking with 10 men caught out, as a brilliant corner was headed goalward and met by a strong hand by Navas. Neymar unleashes Messi whose minced shot is, inexplicably, saved by Al Owais using his hands despite being 10 yards out of the box. Likely knew Messi was Argentine.

Moments latterly, Ronaldo was set up in before in space, he held the ball up which eventually fell to Talisca outside the box, and his long- ranger came veritably close to the bar. Finds the ball down the left wing, cuts in on his right, and takes end to the far corner and forces a big hand from Al Owais. Sensational skill from Mbappe, beating three men by mincing and turning down the left, taking the ball to the byline and cutting back for Ramos’ late run into the box. Corner down the right as the protector drifts to the near post and ganders his title past Navas. Mbappe’s cutback is hit by Messi first time, which clatters into a protector’s hand. After Neymar’s first- half miss, it’s the Frenchman’s turn. And he places home. In his first spin in Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo is given an hour. He scored a coddling thing and penalty. Business as usual. He opened the scoring, but only gets an hour. Mbappe, who had been brilliant, also comes off. And so does Neymar after an help and missed penalty as Galtier makes a host of changes. The skillfull Brazilian seems Riyadh’s only stopgap of evening the tie, this time going from long range to test Donnaruma in thing. From a promising position at the edge of the box, the winger places his far post shot wide. The striker comes off the bench, keeps his run going in a PSG counterattack backed by a disastrous error at the reverse, and smashes into the far corner. It has been a slower, more laboured performance since the changes took the stars off the pitch. The Saudi side are hopeless for some alleviation to get back into this. Ball cruises over the bar as his close- range side- bottom finish doesn’t hit the target. Should have scored. Brilliant finish from Riyadh’s most dangerous player in the alternate half. entered the ball at the edge of the box and fired a point shot into the nethermost corner. awful thing. A nine- thing suspenser comes to an end.

PSG vs Saudi All- Star XI Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo set to renew their contest

Saudi businessman buys football’s most precious ticket, pays£2.2 m to see Ronaldo- Messi match

Ahead of Saudi All- Star XI and PSG’s friendly match on Thursday, a Saudi businessman buys football’s most precious ticket in history to watch Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi cinch cornucopias.

As per The Sun’s report, a personality ticket was made available with the starting shot placed at£,000 while Musharraf bin Ahmed Al- Ghamdi offered a whopping£2.2 m and sealed the deal.

The ticket is said to be the most precious in the history of soccer and it’ll give the businessman a chance to meet football stars Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and K Mbappe.

The personality ticket is a part of a fundraising crusade launched by Turki Al- Sheikh, the head of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority in order to contribute finances to Saudi Arabia’s Ehsan charity fund. Know More Football News…

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