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U19 Women’s T20 World Cup: India Beats South Africa By Seven Wickets; Sehrawat Slams 92 Not Out

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IND vs SA: India thrashed South Africa by seven wickets to start its U19 Women’s T20 World Cup on a high. Shweta Sehrawat smashed 92 off 57 balls while captain Shafali Verma hit a 16-ball 45 as India overhauled the 167-run target with 21 balls to spare on Saturday.

After thrashing host South Africa moment, India looks set to eclipse Group D, considering it plays UAE and Scotland next. still, the opening day of the World Cup has reminded us not to take any platoon for granted. Australia learnt it the hard way as it was stunned by Bangladesh by seven lattices before in the day. Sri Lanka has beaten USA by seven lattices too. That makes it three brigades( BAN, IND, SL) that have won by seven lattices on the opening day while UAE beat Scotland by six. That will be all from us for moment. Join us on Monday for India’s alternate game, against UAE, which begins at 130 PM IST. Good night and take care!

A comprehensive palm for India to kickstart its crusade! Shweta Sehrawat was at her fluent stylish as she made light work of the South African attack with an unbeaten 92 off 57 balls, which included a whopping 20 fours. Thevice-captain was backed by captain Shafali Verma, who slammed a 16- ball 45, in the PowerPlay, which yielded 70 runs. Despite losing Shafali in the eighth over, Sehrawat assured the chase did n’t lose brume and constantly set up the boundary as India sailed home with 21 balls to spare.

Smit comes. Starts off with a wide down leg side. Two runs to win for India. OUT! Tiwari steps out and picks the long- on fielder to perfection. Eventually commodity to cheer about for South Africa. Sonia Mehdiya comes by. Driven through mid-off, misfield, and a single. Scores position in16.2 overs. FOUR! Cut down by Sehrawat through covers and India flings to a comprehensive palm.

Now Reyneke bowls out. fleck to start with as Tiwari pushes this tomid-on. Driven to long- on for a single. Sehrawat gets low, scoops this between short fine and backward square leg for a couple more. FOUR! Swept from wide outdoors out again and Sehrawat continues chancing the boundary as she gets four at square- leg. Full- toss on leg and Sehrawat helps the ball on its way to the boundary behind the keeper. Sehrawat moves to 88, a pity she wo n’t be suitable to bring up a well- justified century!

Hlubi will drift out. FOUR! Back of a length outdoors out and a cracking shot over point by Sehrawat for a boundary. She gets on top of the brio and slaps it with a horizontol club. Wide outside out and Hlubi will need to reload that bone. Wide outside off and Sehrawat swings and misses. Hlubi comes around the gate. She errs in line, slides it down leg and Sehrawat scoops it to the fine- leg hedge. 150 up for India in14.4 overs. Wide ball outside out next over. India151/2 in14.4 overs, crusing towards the 167- run target. A couple of mates to finish the over.

Landsman continues. Tossed up again and Sehrawat steps out and shovels this down the ground for a boundary. FOUR! Flatter outside out, Sehrawat waits for it before transferring it crashing through the covers off the backfoot. This is near to out- refuse, Sehrawat shapes to cut but also lets it go. Single to end the over and Sehrawat keeps strike.

Hlubi comes back for her third. She comes around the gate to Tiwari. Dug into the pitch on middle and Tiwari defends. Low full toss and Tiwari drives along the ground and straight tomid-off. tipping down outside out and Tiwari gashes hard and misses. Full on the toes and Tiwari digs it out to themid-on fielder. Four blotches in a row. Short, inclination across outside out, and Tiwari gashes this over redundant cover for a couple. FOUR! Full toss on the pads and cropped by Tiwari to the midwicket boundary.

Landsman comes into the attack. Tiwari steps out and drives down the ground for a single. Slower one, Sehrawat waits for it and slaps it through covers for a boundary. Thevice-captain now goes for the reach but misses. A breath for South Africans. Another fleck to end the over.

Naidu comes back into the attack after going for 17 in her first two overs. OUT! Naidu strikes first ball of her alternate spell. Trisha is stumped. India two down. Full toss and Tiwai is off the mark with a single. Sehrawat steps out to delivery spinning down outside out and carves it over point for a quick two. FOUR! impeccably placed by Sehrawat behind point off the backfoot and another boundary for thevice-captain. FOUR! Full toss and put away by Sehrawat at fine- leg for a boundary. 37- ball fifty for Sehrawat! FOUR! chapeau- trick of boundaries for Sehrawat as Naidu sends down another full- toss on leg- side and Sehrawat needs no assignation to put that down behind forecourt.

Smit with the ball. Trisha starts off with a couple. FOUR! Smit errs on leg- side and penalized by Trisha with a reach to the square- leg rope. Hundred runs up for India in just9.2 overs. FOUR! Trisha steps out now and cocklofts this overextra-cover for a boundary. Runs coming thick and fast for India then, just 61 demanded off 61 balls.

FOUR! Reyneke bowls her third. range outside out and slighted by Sehrawat just overmid-off for four. FOUR! Swept from wide outdoors out by Sehrawat, catch dropped at deep midwicket, and goes four four further. FOUR! cocky shot from Sehrawat now. Gets down on one knee and paddle sweeps that to fine- leg boundary. This time she’s beaten outside off as the ball turns down a bit and beats her outside edge. A couple further for Sehrawat at deep third to end the over.

Off- incentive Smit into the attack. OUT! Shafali is gone! Runs with the club and now Smit also has the big fish, the Indian commander! Trisha comes in at No. 3. Slower one outside out and Trisha fends it. Beaten this time outdoors out. FOUR! Pushed down leg- side and Trisha capitalises but rocking back and pulling it to the fine- leg boundary.

Reyneke continues. FOUR! Wide outside out, Sehrawat frees her arms and gets four at deep third. Driven beautifully for a just a single as deep cover cuts it off. Huge appeal as Shafali misses this tossed up delivery but arbiter rules it not out. Spinning down and wide called outdoors out. Swept by Shafali from outdoors out for a single at long- on. She moves to 45 out 15 balls. Sehrawat goes back and tries to pierce the field behind point but finds the fielder. Tossed up wide outdoors out and this isn’t called a wide, important to Reyneke’s relief.

Naidu continues. Starts off with one that spins down wide outdoors out but not called a wide by the arbiter. FOUR! Sehrawat was n’t happy with that call and decided to go after this tossed up delivery. She shovels it over the bowler for a four down the ground. FOUR! range outside out and Sehrawat slaps this over covers for another boundary. Pitched up again and Sehrawat cross batons this for a single at deep midwicket. Naidu comes around the gate to Shafali. FOUR! Full- toss and Shafali reaches this to the square- leg boundary.

Hlubi comes from around the gate. Shafali runs it down the third with open club face for a single. Short of a length, Sehrawat gets on top of the brio but only flat- batons it to point. Yorker length now and driven to redundant cover for another fleck. Full outside out and Sehrawat misses this as she tries to dig it out. Bouncer, Sehrawat misses the pull and called wide for height. In the niche, driven down by Sehrawat tomid-off and quick single. Hlubi comes back over the gate. FOUR! In the niche again and Shafali stands and delivers, transferring it down to the long-off boundary.

Pacer Hlubi with the ball. Sliding down leg side and Sehrawat works it down for single. Beaten! Shafali is beaten outside off first ball trying to cut the ball. FOUR! Short ball, Shafali attendants this over the keeper for a boundary. FOUR! cropped off her pads and four runs for Shafali at midwicket. successive fours for the India commander. Short of a length outdoors out and this is called wide. Good launch for India so far. 11 runs in five balls. Hlubi now comes around the gate. Sehrawat guides the ball to point, misfield and single to end the first over.

Sonam to drift the final over. FOUR! Smit sweeps in front of the gate and gets four at square- leg. FOUR! Full and Smit drives this aerially overmid-off for another boundary. This is going across the right- hander and Smit misses the reach. Precious fleck for India. Just a single overmid-on coming ball for Smit as Mehdiya slows it down. Another well- timed reach from Meso but just a single. FOUR! Smit steps down the ground and gets four at long- on.

Shabnam Shakil has the new ball for India. First ball is dug into the pitch and von Rensburg works it to square- leg for a single. Length ball outside out and driven straight tomid-off for a fleck ball. FOUR! Another length ball, just outdoors out, and Lourens hammers it to the midwicket boundary. SIX! Another analogous delivery and Lourens picks it up and clears deep midwicket this time for a outside. The deep midwicket fielder had been posted after a four on the former ball but the ball just went over the fielder. FOUR! Lourens on fire then! Length again, straighter, and this is addressed down to the square- leg hedge. FOUR! This is sinning down- leg and Lourens puts it down to the fine- leg boundary. To add to India’s misery, it’s a no- ball forover-stepping. fleck ball on the free- megahit. South Africa off to a rollicking launch. Know More Women Cricket News…

South Africa Playing XI

Elandri Rensburg, Simone Lourens, Oluhle Siyo (c), Kayla Reyneke, Madison Landsman, Karabo Meso (wk), Miane Smit, Jenna Evans, Seshnie Naidu, Ayanda Hlubi, Nthabiseng Nini.

India Playing XI

Shweta Sehrawat, Shafali Verma (c), Gongadi Trisha, Soumya Tiwari, Richa Ghosh (wk), Soniya Mendhiya, Hrishita Basu, Archana Devi, Parshavi Chopra, Shabnam MD, Sonam Yadav.

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