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Ethics Officer Dismisses ‘Conflict Of Interest’ Complaint Against BCCI President Roger Binny

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The complaint was that Binny’s daughter-in-law, Mayanti Langer Roger Binny, working for Star Sports as an anchor amounted to having a contract with the BCCI and thus is a Conflict of Interest.

The BCCI Ethics Officer Justice( Retd) Vineet Saran has “ dismissed ” the ‘ Conflict of Interest ’ case filed against BCCI president Roger Binny, stating that plaintiff Sanjeev Gupta’s claims were devoid of any “ merit ”.

Gupta’s contention in his complaint was that the 1983 World Cup idol’s son- in- law Mayanti Langer Binny working for Star Sports as an anchor amounted to having a contract with the BCCI and therefore is a Conflict of Interest.

Sports is the sanctioned broadcaster of Indian Premier League as well as Indian public platoon’s home games along with all ICC events.

Gupta, a former Apex Council member of Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association( MPCA), has been filing complaints against who’s who of Indian justice including Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Virat Kohli to name a many.

Justice Saran in his 11- runner 20- point report has pithily rejected Gupta’s complaint and also issued him a stern warning to not partake complaint related documents with “ unconnected parties ”.

Indian Cricketers ’ Association( ICA) on Thursday blazoned it would give medical insurance cover of Rs1.5 lakh to its members, serving over 100 retired cricketers.

With the BCCI’s medical payment scheme applicable to only those cricketers who have played 10 or further first- class matches, numerous of ICA’s members were ineligible for the benefits.

“This is only a small launch made by our Board. Last time we extended a top-up hospital cover for our members, and this time around, we’ve gone one step further and handed a full cover of Rs1.5 lakh each, ” recently- tagged ICA chairman Anshuman Gaekwad was quoted as saying in a media release. The decoration is being paid in its wholeness by the ICA.

“Presently, we’ve extended the cover to 109 members who expressed interest in serving the insurance, all of whom have played between 5 and 9 first- class matches. In time to come, numerous further similar members will be extended this cover, ” added Gaekwad.

In the last time and further, ICA has also made direct benefactions amounting to nearly Rs 6 lakh to numerous former cricketers in need of fiscal and/ or medical backing.

Gupta has had a habit of posting all his documents to hundreds of intelligencers, present and partner BCCI officers.

In the verdict uploaded, Saran stated “ It isn’t the case of the plaintiff( Gupta) that Ms Langer is involved in deals, marketing, business or operation of Star Sports.

“She’s hosting live broadcasts and panels for Star Sports. The fact that media rights for BCCI and IPL were awarded to Star Sports on5.4.2018 and27.06.2022 is also not disputed.

“Hence it can not be said, as the President, the replier( Binny) has told the engagement of his son in law in Star Sports. Ms Langer isn’t an hand of Star Sports and is only working on contract with Star Sports as an anchor.

“In the absence of any case of Conflict of Interest having been cited in her working in similar capacity with Star Sports, it can not be presumed that there will be any Conflict of Interest. ” In fact Saran also categorically mentioned that a “ bare relationship ”( father- in- law and son- in law) between replier( Binny) and Langer would not be sufficient enough to establish an case of Conflict of Interest. Justice Saran also issued a “ stern warning ” to Gupta so that he does n’t “ freely place complaints and other documents in public sphere and he should shoot the clones of same only to parties concerned ”. Know More News…

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