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U19 Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 IND Vs SCO: Trisha, Kashyap Help India To 86-Run Win Over Scotland

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India beats Scotland by 86 runs, with its baits taking nine lattices. India maintains its winning run with a good fur run in the middle for utmost of its batters.

Sonam Yadav deals the final blow as she forces a mishit from Robertson- Jack and it’s Trisha who completes the catch.

Montogomery eventually breaks the shackle as she pounces on a rare half- shamus from Archana for four. Archana circles one over and all Sheikh could do was edge it to Richa at first slip. India one gate down from a palm.

Sonam Yadav gets her first over. Sheikh and Muir are being foxed by Sonam. Muir tries for a slog and Sonam beats her outside edge and Basu completes the stumping. Scotland is eight down!!

Archana with her third over. A moment of genius from Sonia, who makes a diving stop at fine- leg and also goods a run- eschewal. Scotland running out of lattices. Sheikh tries to go after Archana and skies one, but she can’t get back in time to complete the catch.

Kashyap tosses one over and Tucker swipes blindly and she’s trapped in front. Indian baits are looking unplayable at this moment. End of an inconceivable, potentially game- winning spell from Mannat Kashyap.

Archana Devi continues to put the pressure on from the other end and she’s awarded with another gate. This time she forces Bell on her backfoot and hits her on her pad. LBW!! Fifth gate down for the Scots. Archana draws a false shot from Faisal and dives forward to get the catch, but the judges felt she didn’t complete it.

Kashyap continues. Fraser tries to paddle one and all she can do is to edge it onto the wholes. Scotland loses its commander as it struggles to deal with Indian baits.

Archana Devi gets her first over. She circles one into the bow of Carter, who can only find Sadhu posted at long- on. Third gate down for Scotland.

Scotland batters unfit to pick Kashyap’s deliveries as she keeps beating the outside edge. She makes Emma Walsingham reach for a shot each she can do is pop it Trisha for an easy catch. She also induces an edge off Fraser, but it runs down for four.

Yashasri continues her opening spell. Carter wagons her straight down the innings for the alternate six of the innings. Width offered and Carter thumps it over covers for a four. Yashasri coaxes an edge, but it races past fine leg for another four. To make it worse she gives down a no- ball.

Mannat Kashyap with her left- arm spin puts the thickets on the Scots. A frustrated Lister goes for a big bone and she can only sky it to Shweta, who completes the catch.

Sadhu continues from the other end. Lister steps out and carves one on the up over covers for a massive six.

Yashasri from the other end with her medium pace. Movement for her as Carter plays outside the line, nearly losing her off refuse in the process. Carter however cuts a wide bone for four, beyond point. Strong launch for Scotland.

Carter and hear open the innings for Scotland. Good launch for them as they take seven runs from Sadhu

Shweta Sehrawat with the final flourish. Back- to- back fours for her against Fraser. She also follows it up with a slog reach which flies past the boundary. SIX!!! She also steps outside the off refuse and thumps it for a four. What a gem of a knock from Shweta( 31 from 10) to help India to a further than competitive aggregate.

Basu goes long, but Fraser drops her. These dropped catches might bring Scotland this game. Basu scoops the ball overmid-off for her first four.

Shweta Sehrawat eventually comes in. She has been the name batter for India in this event. She goes big straight down.

Richa Ghosh gives up her helmet and soon loses her gate. Full toss from Fraser and she finds the long- on fielder. Hrishita Basu comes in for the first time in this World Cup. Trisha too tries to go for a big bone, but she can sky one to deepmid-wicket.

Montgomery with the ball now. She gives range to Richa and she happily gashes it once point India gets to 100.

Darcey Carter gets her first over and she starts with a wide- four. Another loose ball and Richa Ghosh tries to paddle it over fine- leg. She’s yet to get into her stride as India looks to push the scoreboard. Another wild hoick from her and she’s dropped again in the deep.

Bell with her third over. She keeps effects under control, just two runs off it. Robertson- Jack too with her third over. She too pulls in a tight over with her left arm spin. Richa Ghosh gets into the act. Robertson- Jack with the ball and Richa cuts one through the off- side for her first boundary.

Nayma Shaikh continues on. formerly again Trisha drives one through covers, but only for a couple this time. She repeats the shot but is awarded with a four this time She’s getting near to her fifty, with India yet to get to seventy.

Robertson- Jack gets a turn with the ball. Loose ball down the off and Trisha jewels back and gashes it for another four. India looking to move up a gear. And we’ve a drinks break.

Nayma Shaikh is brought back into the attack. She pitches on up nearly near the offside wide line and Richa reaches out to put it past the cordon. FOUR!! Richa also chips one straight back. Shaikh stretches to her right, but ca n’t get the ball under her control.

Scotland rolls in a couple of quiet overs as India looks to stabilise the innings. Fraser gives down just three in her over, while Montogomery’s over cost five runs. Richa Ghosh taking her time to settle in.

Orla Montogomery with her medium pace into the attack. range and brio on offer and Trisha cuts it, with control, for another four. Montogomery surprises Mehdiya with a bouncer, and she can only edge it back to the keeper.

Katherine Fraser brings herself into the attack. Mehdiya goes for a wild swing to the leg side, but she ca n’t connect it. Tidy over from the commander, just four mates off it.

Trisha continues to find the boundaries with some delicate shots. This time a late cut for a four against Sheikh. Follows it up with a double to keep the instigation going.

Bell continues from the other end. Soniya Mendhiya is the new batter for India. Trisha puts down one from her pads for another four. Good launch from her. She follows it up with a parlousdouble. However, her innings might have ended there, If the keeper had gathered it duly.

Nayma Shaikh from the other end for the Scottish, Mid pitch ball and Shafali passes to muscle it, only for her to find the fielder in medial gate. Katherine Fraser the Scottish commander had placed herself at deep midwicket to get relieve of then contrary number. Trisha slices one for a four.

Trisha and Shafali open the innings for India. Olivia Bell with her off spin for Scotland. Both of them open their accounts with easy mates.

Two changes for India from the UAE game. Yashasri is in for Parshavi Chopra. Sonam Yadav in for Shabnam. Know More Women Cricket News…

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