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Messi’s Heartbreaks In Champions League: Chronicling The Argentine’s Painful Exits Since 2015

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Messi will have to wait another year before he aims to get his hands on Europe’s most coveted football title.

Lionel Messi and his Paris Saint- Germain platoon crashed out of the UEFA title holders League 2022- 23 season after suffering a 2- 0 loss( 3- 0 total) against Bayern Munich in the alternate- leg of the Round of 16 clash.

This means the Argentine will have to stay another time before he aims to get his hands on Europe’s most coveted football title. Messi has won four titleholders League titles throughout his outstanding career and is one behind rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi last won the title holders League in the 2014- 15 season, when Luis Enrique was in charge of Barcelona. Playing on with Neymar and Luis Suarez, popularly known as the MSN triad, Barcelona settled a 3- 1 palm against Juventus to win the title. Messi was the common top- arranger in the UCL with 10 pretensions on with Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Messi also outgunned the assists list with six assists that time.

2015- 16 season

Following the success the former time, Barcelona met Spanish rival Atletico Madrid in the quarterfinals. Messi and his Barcelona platoon were excluded after a 3- 2 loss on aggregate score. Barca won the first- leg 2- 1 but suffered a 2- 0 loss in the alternate leg.

That season, Messi scored six pretensions and bagged one help in the title holders League in seven appearances.

2016- 17 season

It was in this season that Messi and his Barca platoon completed that notorious ‘ remontada ’(comeback) against PSG in the Round of 16, where the Catalans scored six pretensions in the alternate leg to win 6- 5 on total.

Barcelona was drawn with Juventus in the quarterfinals but was swept down by an aggregate loss of 3- 0 over two legs.

Messi ranked second in the scoring map with 11 pretensions and had two assists in nine matches that season.

2017- 18 season

It was a heart breaking exit for Messi and Barcelona in the 2017- 18 season. Paired against Roma in the quarterfinals, the Catalans had one bottom in the semis after winning 4- 1 in the first leg but a alternate leg collapse saw Roma score three pretensions and qualify on down pretensions after a 4- 4 aggregate score.

That season Messi scored six pretensions and had two assists in 10 appearances.

2018- 19 season

It was a story of another alternate- leg collapse for Messi and his Barca platoon. Playing Liverpool in the semifinals, Barca settled a 3- 0 palm in the first leg at Camp Nou, but Liverpool turned the drift in the alternate leg with a stunning 4- 0 palm at Anfield, therefore qualifying 4- 3 on total and leaving Messi with yet another titleholders League heartache.

On the particular front, it was a good season for Messi as he outgunned the scoring maps with 12 pretensions, along with three assists in 10 matches.

2019- 20 season

That season, due to the Covid- 19 epidemic, UEFA blazoned that knockout matches would be played over a single leg rather of the usual two. Paired against Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals, Barcelona suffered a humiliating 2- 8 defeat against the Bavarians.

That season, Messi scored three pretensions and bagged four assists in eight appearances.

2020- 21 season

In Messi’s last season for Barcelona, he could only reach the Round of 16, where Barcelona suffered a 2- 5 aggregate loss against PSG.

Messi scored five pretensions and had two assists in six games.

2021- 22 season

In his first season with PSG, Messi qualified for the UCL Round of 16, where he faced long- time rival Real Madrid in the Round of 16 stage. It wasn’t a happy return to Spain as Messi saw his PSG side suffer a 2- 3 loss on total, which dragged the Argentine’s delay for another title holders League title. Know More Football News…

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