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‘Messi’ah Of Millions: Indian Fans Wait For Lionel Messi’s ‘2011 Tendulkar Moment’

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FIFA World Cup: In his fifth and last World Cup, Messi wants, just like global cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar badly wanted to lay his hands on the Blue Riband trophy in his sixth and last global appearance

When Lionel Messi, with his wettish eyes, gapes towards dead, he can stop the world around you. When he gets agitated and argues with a adjudicator, you too get angry. And when you see him running circles around the stylish in the world and also make them chase murk like he did with protector Josko Gvardiol on Tuesday night in Doha, the world sounded a better place. You’re jumping with joy. Some would have woken up their loved bones from deep slumber to partake the excitement. You can win every jewel in the world but FIFA World Cup is special. Pele touched it thrice, Maradona too got a chance to pat the hands that held the’ Golden Globe’.

And If Messi now misses this chance, it would be a chapter untreated in runners of football history.

In his fifth and last World Cup, Messi wants, just like global justice icon Sachin Tendulkar poorly wanted to lay his hands on the Blue Riband jewel in his sixth and last global appearance.

Can Saturday bring that Tendulkar moment for Messi and Argentina? Tendulkar lived his dream and there are millions who would supplicate that it happens for Messi too.

“I’ve seen God walk on earth. All I want now is to see Messi lifting the World Cup. I wouldn’t have any regrets in my life if I do not watch any sport after that day. But Man, Messi, should win. suppose of it, what a memorable moment it would be one last time for the Albicelestes,” Deep to Roy, a Mumbai grounded counsel, who’s Doha to watch semi-finals and final told PTI.

“Being an Indian and also someone who watched that justice World Cup final in Mumbai, Messi gives you that Sachin Tendulkar like feeling. It seems the entire world wants to see Messi lift that World Cup. We hear about puck tales and I want to live this fairytale on Saturday night,” Deepto said.

For Indian suckers, Argentina and Diego Maradona entered their lives permanently in 1986 when Door darshan started raising the FIFA World Cup matches from the alternate round.

Indeed in those pre-internet days when social media was not indeed an idea, Maradona’s chops united the Bengalis, Malayalis and the Goans, the three football frenetic countries in India.

“Messi belongs to Barcelona as much as to Argentina. But there’s a social environment associated with the frenetic Argentina audience especially in Kolkata and Kochi. Bengalis and Malayalis are suckers of art and in Maradona, they set up an artist they had noway seen in their lives.

“There’s a generation which actually watches football only formerly in four times but Maradona made them fall in love with Argentina football platoon and Messi.

“So Messi and Argentina came a novelettish connect for numerous who are not indeed following Messi in PSG these days. But one must admit, as an Indian, the 2011 World Cup sounded like everything about SRT and you get the same feeling for Messi,” Dwaipayan Chatterjee, an avaricious club football watcher said.

Strange as it might feel but Julian Alvarez is no less a idol in Argentina’s semi-final palm and that 40- metre down- the- middle run is one for the keeps. But that alternate thing of his will not be talked about. He scored another thing, the third bone which will be talked about but not because of him.

And Alvarez will have to live with the fact that for formerly, creator of that thing will be talked further than the arranger.

Gvardiol is only 20 and is anticipated to rule the football world for at least a decade as one of finest protectors, who can play both as a breach as well as a side reverse( side reverse).

Wearing a black mask to cover his shattered nose( he played with one in the World Cup), Gvardiol at times approximately recalled’ Captain America’ with Messi’s’ spider- man’ like chops.

Gvardiol for the better part of that sprint did not do anything wrong as he was technically perfect. He remained on Messi’s side not giving him room to manoeuvre as the maestro started his stride down wide right( left of Gvardiol).

He reached the side of the penalty box and also the’ Messi Magic’ happed. One that’s joie de vivre and orgasmic.

Messi in a split second turned his reverse on Gvardiol and with a swivel of hips and a unforeseen body feint beat him on a half- turn before keeping a perfect cut- reverse for youthful Alvarez.

And for Melbourne grounded software professional Dipanjan Ghosh, it was the most” surreal feeling” to be at the colosseum.

“Messi’s performance was to me what Argentina and” my platoon” would do in a event. I live in country of fine wine. Messi is that fine wine, geriatric impeccably with time,” Ghosh said.

“I’ll still be a supporter of Argentina after he’s gone but when my eight- time-old grows up and I grow indeed aged, I would tell him’ Buddy, you’ll be richer than me, smarter than me but you can not be luckier. You know why? I watched Lionel Messi live and play.” Know More Latest News…

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