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Both Thakur, Malik Add Value To Team: India Bowling Coach Mhambrey

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“Thakur adds depth to the batting. We will have to see the surface and decide the combination accordingly,” Mhambrey said in the media interaction ahead of the second ODI.

Shardul Thakur was picked over Umran Malik in the first ODI because he adds “ depth ” to the Indian fur but the Jammu and Kashmir scrambler remains veritably important in the scheme of effects for the ODI World Cup at home this time, said bowling trainer Paras Mhambrey on Friday.

Mhambrey said both Thakur and Malik add value to the platoon in different ways.

“That( fur) is one of the reasons why we picked him( Thakur). He adds depth to the fur. We’ll have to see the face and decide the combination consequently. He has performed well for India, ” Mhambrey said in the media commerce ahead of the alternate ODI.

On Malik, Mhambrey said “ The way he has progressed, it’s veritably heartening to see. Pace does count and adds a different dimension to the attack. The decision of playing him will depend on face and demand of the platoon combination.

“He’s veritably important in the scheme of effects as far as world mug is concerned. He adds a lot of value to the platoon. ” Jasprit Bumrah has been down from the platoon due to aft issues and Mhambrey said the platoon is missing his services.

“Bumrah is a unique bowler and he’s irreplaceable, let’s accept that fact. It’s veritably delicate to replicate his chops. On the order side, it gives an occasion for others to be tested at this position. We’ll find out what they bring to the table and how they deal with pressure. When asked about Mohammed Siraj, he was all praise for the Hyderabad leader.

“I’ve seen him from the India A set up. He did exceedingly well with the red ball. He used to get the ball in but has worked on his confluence position to get the ball down. He’s a veritably important member of the platoon not only for World Cup but beyond that as well.

”New Zealand were suitable to score 206 runs despite losing six lattices for 131 runs on Wednesday. The bowling trainer said the platoon bandied the issue at length.

“When you score 350 on a face like that you anticipate hookups from the other side, they lost six quick lattices but you anticipate in a game like that, there will be a cooperation, and they club till 8. Santner is a handy batter as well.

“What’s important is you win games, you may be tested. We’ve charted out effects we wanted to concentrate on and apply in this game. We aren’t looking at too important trial but we need to test players that we’ve shortlisted. ” Mhambrey added that an early launch for the ODI World Cup games at home is commodity that ICC can look into. “ Ashwin raised a valid point. Dew does play a part in some venues. It depends when and where you’re playing. When the ball does get old, it really tilts towards the bating side.

“The spin isn’t there and makes fur easy. It’s commodity we can look into. The ICC and other members need to take this forward. Know More Cricket News…

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