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World Cup Will Help Qatar Battle “Prejudice”: FIFA President

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The upcoming football World Cup is a chance for the Gulf region to push back against “prejudice”, FIFA’s president said Thursday, defending host Qatar from criticism of its rights record

The forthcoming football World Cup is a chance for the Gulf region to push back against” prejudice”, FIFA’s chairman said Thursday, defending host Qatar from review of its rights record. Gianni Infantino was speaking via videotape- link at an investor conference in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, which is reportedly in addresses with Greece and Egypt about a separate offer to host the World Cup in 2030. The four- week event in Qatar, which begins November 20, offers” an occasion for Qatar and the whole region to present itself to the world in another light, another way, and get rid I suppose formerly and for all of some of the prejudice that sorely still exists,” Infantino said.

His commentary came two days after Qatar’s sovereign , Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al- Thani, hit out at” double norms” unleashed in an” unknown crusade” of review related to issues including treatment of foreign workers and LGBTQ and women’s rights.

FIFA awarded the World Cup to an Arab country for the first time in 2010. It has since spent knockouts of billions of bones on medications but has faced violent scrutiny over mortal rights.

The Gulf state has entered heavy review over its treatment of the foreign workers who have erected the structure for Qatar’s profitable phenomenon.

Qatar’s World Cup organisers on Thursday hit back at review of the Gulf state’s rights record by the Australian football platoon, averring that” no country is perfect”. In response to the Australian call for better treatment of migratory workers and the LGBTQ community, a World Cup prophet said assessing” robust” labour laws had also been a” challenge” for Australia.” We’ve committed every trouble to icing that this World Cup has had a transformative impact on perfecting lives,” the organisers’ Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy said.

Nonnatives make up more than2.5 million of the2.9 million population.

Conditions and safety norms on construction spots were long condemned by transnational unions.

Rights groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have claimed that Qatar and FIFA should do further to compensate workers who failed or suffered injury on Qatar’s mega systems.

They’ve demanded that FIFA set up a$ 440 million compensation fund– equalling the World Cup prize plutocrat.

But reforms to the labour system and working practices have been praised by union leaders who preliminarily fought the government.

Infantino stressed those reforms in his commentary on Thursday.

” Some real changes have formerly happed. For illustration, when we speak about workers’ rights, which is and has been an important content, for the first time in the region minimal stipend have been established for all workers,” he said.

He also refocused to” crucial advancements in terms of workers’ weal”, adding” These changes have happed in a many times only in Qatar.” Read More News…

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