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Team India’s World Test Championship Final Qualification Scenario After 2-0 Triumph Over Bangladesh

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With a 2-0 series win over Bangladesh, the Indian cricket team has strengthened its World Test Championship final qualification chances.

With the 2- 0 Test series triumph over Bangladesh, the Indian justice platoon has given its World Test Championship qualification script a massive boost. enwrapping 2nd spot in the points table at present, India only have a 4- match series against Australia to come before the WTC final takes place coming time. Having suffered a defeat at the hands of New Zealand in the WTC final in the last cycle, the Indian platoon has a big occasion to make effects right this time around. But, they still have a many hurdles in their way before their progression to the final is verified.

First and foremost, the Indian platoon would guarantee itself a spot in the WTC final if Rohit Sharma’s men go on to beat Australia 4- 0 in their forthcoming assignment. Such a result, with a PCT of 68.06, would seal India’s ticket to the final, no matter what other contenders’ results are.

Still, their PCT would be 62, If India win 3- 1 or 3- 0 against the Aussies.50. Such a figure would also be enough for them to sail through to the final without dependence on other results.

In the case of a 2- 0 or a 1- 0 result against Australia, the Indian platoon’s PCT would stand at60.65. formerly again, such a census is likely to be enough for India to bespeak their spot in the final.

Still, 1- 1, or 2- 2 draw), If the series does not produce a result( 0- 0. in such a case, India would want Australia to beat South Africa by a big periphery in the following Test series. Indeed the results of the series between West Indies and South Africa, as well as New Zealand and Sri Lanka would need to go India’s way.

In a case where India go on to lose the 4- match Test series against Australia, India would need South Africa and Sri Lanka to lose their forthcoming Test assignments exhaustively. This script only stands true for a 0- 1 defeat for India. In the case of 0- 2, 0- 3, or 0- 4 defeats, India would be nearly knocked out of the WTC final race.

Although regular captain Rohit Sharma was unapproachable for the series, the Indian platoon recorded a clean- reach against the Shakib Al Hasan- led outfit. The two triumphs against Bangladesh have helped India strain their grip over alternate position in the ICC World Test Championship points table.

After five series, India have earned58.93 points. They’re only behind Pat Cummins’ Australia in the standings.

To qualify for the World Test Championship 2023 Final, India need to finish in the top two of the standings. Then’s their qualification script after the 2- 0 series palm against Bangladesh.

India’s last series of the ongoing World Test Championship cycle is against Australia. The series consists of four matches, which will take place between February 9 and March 13. Nagpur, Dharamsala, Delhi and Ahmedabad will host the matches.

Still, they will have 68, If India secure a 4- 0 series palm in that series.06 points. This result will guarantee them a place in the World Test Championship Final irrespective of what happens in the other series.

Still, they will have 62, If India were to record a 3- 1 series palm against Australia.50 points to their name. Indeed in that script, India should qualify for the final without counting on other results.

Still, they will have 64, If India beat Australia 3-0.35 points. Again, that should guarantee the Indian platoon a place in the final.

Still, they will finish with 60, If India record a 2- 0 series palm against Australia.65 points. Interestingly, indeed in that script, Rohit Sharma and Co. will finish in the top two of the World Test Championship table and qualify for the final.

Still, India will end with 56, If they record a 1- 0 palm.94 points. They will also have to hope for one of two scripts to go their way. Either Australia have to beat South Africa 3- 0 or 2- 0 in their ongoing series or West Indies need to win their series against the Proteas.

The ultimate series is listed to take place in South Africa from February 28 to March 12.

Still, India will have 53, If the series ends in a 0- 0 draw.24 points. They will have to also hope that Australia beat South Africa 3- 0, West Indies beat South Africa 2- 0 and New Zealand beat Sri Lanka 2- 0.

In case of a 1- 1 draw, India will finish with55.09 points. Again, they will have to hope that the Proteas lose the maturity of their remaining four matches.

Still, India will end with 56, If India and Australia win two Tests each.94 points. They will formerly again be reliant on Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies.

India haven’t lost a home Test series in a long time. still, since we’re considering all possibilities, we’ve to look at India’s World Test Championship Final script if they lose the series against Australia.

A 0- 1 defeat will leave India with51.39 points. Rohit Sharma’s men will have to hope for South Africa and Sri Lanka to fall to defeats in their separate series.

Still, 0- 3 or 0- 4, they will finish with lower than 50 points, If India lose the series by 0- 2. Know More Cricket News…

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