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RCB Vs MI, WPL 2023: Mumbai Beat Bangalore By 4 Wickets; Keep Final Hope Alive

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Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians WPL 2023: Get the Cricket Score, Commentary, Scorecard and Latest Updates between RCB vs MI, Match 19 of Women’s Premier League 2023.

Preeti Bose bowls the 15th over of the innings. Five mates and a double come from this over as Mumbai is just 11 runs down from the palm.

Vastrakar and Kerr are fur with authority and leading Mumbai near to a palm then which will take them near to the final spot. Schutt bowls the 14th over and gives nine off it.

Shreyanka Patil comes back into the attack. Patil to Vastrakar, FOUR! A drive- over covers which fetches a boundary to drink Patil in some style. Patil to Vastrakar, FOUR! Another boundary off this over as 10 runs come from it.

Perry continues. Perry to Harman, OUT! Full and off as Kaur gets an inside edge which crashes the refuse. Played on. RCB is still in the game as the Mumbai chase has been derailed. Six runs off the over.

Asha Shobana continues. Asha Shobana to Nat Sciver- Brunt, SIX. Dispatched over long- on for a outside. Mumbai will have to accelerate as they need to keep the NRR in mind as Delhi is above them in the points table. Asha to Brunt, OUT! Third down for Mumbai as RCB is taking lattices in regular intervals. A faint edge and Richa Ghosh carriers it behind the gate. Amelia Kerr comes in at number five. Nine runs off the over.

Shreyanka Patil continues. Patil to Matthews, FOUR! And with this 50 comes up for Mumbai along with a 50- run stage for the first gate. Patil to Bhatia, OUT! First gate for RCB as Bhatia departs after scoring 30. Mumbai ended the first Power Play with 53 on the board.

A first change in the bowling. Shreyanka Patil comes into the attack. Patil to Bhatia, FOUR! Premeditated shot from Bhatia as she shuffles across and paddles it fine for a boundary. Patil to Bhatia, FOUR! Back- to- back boundaries for Bhatia as she eventually gets going with two release shots. nine runs from this over.

Sophie Devine comes into the attack from the other end. She bowls a no ball and Matthews slams her for a SIX on the free- megahit ball. Matthews follows it up with a four. Devine to Matthews, OUT! Devine will have the last laugh stay no! It’s a no- ball. What are you doing Devine? 17 runs come from this over.

Megan Schutt starts the proceedings for Bangalore. Schutt to Matthews, OUT! conjure start for RCB. Schutt targets the middle line and the ball continues to swing in for the right- hander and the arbiter incontinently signals it as out. Matthews straight down reviews it and stay, missing! The decision has now been capsized to Not Out. The ball shamus

Shows it was missing the wholes and a big shriek of relief for Matthews. After playing two further fleck deliveries, Matthews gets off the mark on the third ball. Bhatia gets off the mark with a boundary to the deep backward point. Six from the first over.

Saika Ishaque bowls her fourth over. Ishaque to Schutt and the ball hit on the pad and the arbiter gives it out still the DRS capsize the decision as the ball was missing the line of wholes. Ishaque to Ghosh, SIX! Dispatched down the ground for another outside. Ghosh is displaying her power hitting and clean striking. Ghosh takes a single as Schutt gets back on strike. Ishaque to Schutt, OUT! This time it’s the other way around as the arbiter signals it as not out but the review from Harman will give Mumbai another gate. Saika Ishaque eventually gets a gate in three games as she equals Ecclestone and Kerr on 13 lattices each.

Amelia Kerr comes back. And strikes again! She tempted Ahuja to step out and go for a big shot but the ball spun down and Yastika did enough to remove Ahuja as she was quickening presto behind the gate and dislodged the wholes in no time. Richa Ghosh comes in at number six and straight down gets off the mark with a single.

Ishaque keeps one flat and beats Kanika’s outside edge. Ishaque slides one in and Kanika steps out to lift the ball through deepmid-wicket for FOUR. Total six off this over.

Hayley Matthews bowls her fourth over. Perry takes a single off the fourth ball after playing three blotches. Kanika Ahuja, who came in at number five timed the fifth ball beautifully which beats themid-on fielder as she takes a couple of runs to get off the mark. Only three off the over as Matthews ends her spell moment with the numbers of 4-0-18-0.

Amelia Kerr comes back into the attack. Two blotches and three mates come in the first five balls. Kerr to Knight, OUT! Knight has to go for it as the pressure of fleck balls consumed her. A mistimed shot fails to clear the long- on hedge as Wong takes an easy catch to remove Heather on 12.

Saika Ishaque continues from the other end. Ishaque to Perry, FOUR! Outside out, it ca n’t get better. A shot to watch out the whole day on reprise. She commit herself to the ball and dispatched the ball over redundant cover. Ishaque to Perry, FOUR! A bad ball from Ishaque and gets the right treatment from Perry. She sits and sweeps it fine for back- to- back boundaries. A good over for RCB to take 12 runs off it.

Issy Wong is back in the attack. Both Ellyse Perry and Heather Knight try to hit Wong but a brilliant over from Wong denies them from taking any big runs. Only three runs from this over. Strategic time- eschewal!

Hayley Matthews to drift her third over. Matthews to Perry, too full and on middle, Perry takes a single to give the strike back to Mandhana who looks in good touch moment. Matthews to Mandhana, FOUR! She goes back in the crinkle and swivels across to pull the short ball on the square leg for another boundary. Four blotches to end the Power Play with 35 coming from it.

Mass comes back after oneover-hiatus. She starts with a wide, down- the- leg. mass to Mandhana, SIX! She uses the bases to step out and smashes the middle- line ball over deepmid-wicket for the first outside. mass to Mandhana, FOUR! Lucky, veritably lucky as Mandhana gets an inside edge which goes past veritably close to the wholes and races down for another boundary of the over. She plays out the full over to take 10 off it.

Hayley Matthews has been introduced from the other end. She keeps effects tight to give only three mates from her over as Bangalore is being kept on backfoot by Mumbai then. Know More Latest Cricket News…

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