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Qatar To Scrap Pre-arrival Covid Test Before World Cup: Health Ministry

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The relaxed measures, effective from November 1, were announced after Qatar last month said Covid vaccinations were not mandatory for the expected million-plus fans.

Qatar is to droppre-arrival Covid tests before the FIFA World Cup, the health ministry said on Wednesday, weeks after publicizing that the million- plus incoming suckers don’t need vaccinations.

The rearmost relaxation inanti-Covid measures will take effect on November 1, 19 days before the first World Cup on Arab home starts on November 20.

The arriving suckers, players, officers, staff and media are by far the biggest affluence of callers seen in bitsy, gas-rich Qatar, which has a population of just2.9 million.

” Callers are no longer needed to present a negative Covid- 19 PCR or Rapid Antigen Test affect before travelling to Qatar,” a statement said.

Qatari citizens and residers will also no longer need to take a PCR or rapid-fire antigen test within 24 hours of returning from abroad, the health ministry added.

The 29- day event will be the first major global sporting event with suckers since the Covid epidemic erupted in December 2019, killing further than six million people.

Last time’s delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics took place largely behind unrestricted doors, and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics was held in abio-secure bubble.

Qatari organisers and football’s governing body, FIFA, have said they want the event to be a sign the world is getting over the ruinous epidemic.

But the health ministry has preliminarily advised that special measures would be ordered” in the event of a worsening epidemic situation in the country”, similar as the emergence of a hanging new variant.

Players and match officers may be forced into a secure”bio-bubble” if Covid- 19 cases take off again, with the trouble of expatriation from the event for those who transgress the secure terrain, the ministry said last month.

The measures blazoned Wednesday cover all callers arriving from November 1, when Qatar will be closed to anyone without a Hayya card– the obligatory document given to players, officers, staff, media and ticket holders and their guests.

Under the being rules until November 1, all callers progressed over six must give negative Covid- 19 tests before taking breakouts to Qatar.

A demand to wear masks on public transport was scrapped this month, and masks are also not mandatory in the eight World Cup colosseums.

Qatar has suffered 684 deaths from Covid- 19, with,223 recovered cases, according to the health ministry’s website.

World Cup host Qatar has scrapped a demand for callers to gain a negative Covid- 19 test before departing for the Gulf Arab state, its health ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

preliminarily, Qatar had told suckers attending the World Cup they must show evidence of a negative Covid- 19 test anyhow of their vaccination status, before departing by air or at the border crossing.

The health ministry also dropped a demand that grown-ups show their Covid- 19 status on a government- run contact tracing smartphone operation called Ehteraz before entering colosseums or other establishments like shops and caffs.

Callers and residers must still show the operation before entering a healthcare installation, the statement said.

Qatar is easing restrictions because” the number of COVID- 19 cases( is) continuing to drop around the world and in Qatar, and the ongoing roll- eschewal of Qatar’s National Covid- 19 Vaccination Program,” the statement said. Know More Trending News…

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