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Mitchell Johnson Reveals Reason Behind David Warner Attack: ‘Personal, Pretty Bad’ Dig

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Two days after his attack on former teammate and current Australia opener David Warner, former pacer Mitchell Johnson has revealed the reason behind his tirade.

Two days after his attack on former teammate and current Australia nature David Warner, former leader Mitchell Johnson has revealed the reason behind his diatribe. Johnson, who lashed out at the Aussie nature, while also reigniting the ball- tampering contestation, claimed that Warner does not earn a” idol’s salutation” pertaining to the Pakistan series being his last. The 42- time-old had also taken shots at Australia principal chooser Geroge Bailey for persisting with Warner despite his poor jaunts lately.

Johnson revealed that Warner texted him before this time after he wrote a column on the southpaw’s woman, Candice, defending her hubby’s place in the platoon.

While he didn’t discover much into the details of Warner’s” relatively particular” textbook communication, Johnson admitted that it was one of reasons, along with the ball tampering reproach, behind his column of the West Australian.

“I got a communication from Dave, which was relatively particular. I tried to ring to try and talk to him about it, which I have always been open to. I know I have been open to the guys when I finished playing. I said if I am in the media and writing effects or saying effects that you do not like, just come and speak to me,” the former Australia leader said on The Mitchell Johnson Cricket Show.

“It was no way a particular thing also until this point. This is presumably what drove me to write the composition as well, part of it. It was surely a factor. Some of the stuff that was said in that, I will not say it. I suppose that is over to Dave to say it if he wants to talk about it. There was some stuff in there that was extremely disappointing, what he said, and enough bad to be honest,” he added.

Johnson was also furious at Bailey’s response to his composition on Warner, which he interpreted as a reference at his internal health.

“To ask if I am okay because I have had internal health issues is enough important playing down my composition and putting it on internal health, which is relatively disgusting, I suppose. It’s principally having a dig at someone’s internal health and saying that I must have commodity going on, a internal health issue has made me say what I’ve said. That is not the verity. That is fully the contrary. I am actually clear- inclined,” he fooled.

Replying to Johnson’s column on Warner, Bailey had said” I have been transferred little particles of it- I hope he is OK”. Know More Latest Cricket News…

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