Messi And Busquets Not Moving To Miami For a Holiday, Says Martino

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Martino, former coach of Messi with Barcelona and Argentina, said he had spoken to the seven-times Ballond’ Or winner and former Spain midfielder Busquets about their impending move to the Major League Soccer club

Recently appointed Inter Miami trainer Gerardo Martino says there’s no question of Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets moving to South Florida to chill on South Beach. rather, says the Argentine who was appointed on Wednesday, the brace are coming to Miami to fight for titles. Martino, former trainer of Messi with Barcelona and Argentina, said he’d spoken to the seven- times Ballond’ Or winner and former Spain midfielder Busquets about their impending move to the Major League Soccer club.

“Occasionally in our world you associate United States and Miami with leaves. And it’s not that. They’re coming to contend,” he told a press conference on Thursday.

“They’re coming from winning world titles, Spanish league titles. They aren’t going to relax. They will contend because it’s in their blood,” he said.

Martino takes over Miami with the club bottom of the Eastern Conference having lost their last seven games. They’re ranked 27th out of the 29 clubs in MLS.

The former Mexico and Atlanta United trainer said there was still the chance to regain commodity from this season, still.

“One is to see if we can make the playoffs. Right now that seems like a stretch, but as long as we’ve the possibility we can not stop trying,” he said.

“We’re in a good place in the US Open Cup, and now there is a new event, Leagues Cup, that we will aim for. After that, the thing is to make for 2024,” added the trainer known as’ Tata’.

Sporting Director Chris Henderson said the club would be making further changes to their team in the coming weeks

“Come late August we are going to have a different look. This will give the occasion for Tata and his staff to work with the players in a new way.

“It feels like a new morning for the club and we are going to do everything we can to rise up the table game by game,” he added.

Martino won MLS Cup in 2018 with Atlanta United and said he was well apprehensive of what awaited him in the North American league.

“I see a league that’s always evolving, a league that has a lot of rules, but they’re veritably clear,” he said.

“It’s veritably position for all the brigades, the system of budgets and draft allows all brigades at the launch to have the same bournes .

“I like the complexity of the cold wave of one place, rain of another, heat of another. All that makes you as a trainer have to suppose about further than just managing what happens on the field,” he said.

But Martino believes Messi will transfigure MLS.

“That the world’s topmost player decides to play in this league, putatively it’ll open an indeed lesser script of growth,” he said. Know More Latest Football News…

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