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KL Rahul Has Found Ways To Get Out, Coaches Should Work On His Flaws: Azharuddin

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The 57-year-old Azharuddin, whose elegant wrist work made him a cynosure of cricket fans, is a bit disappointed that a player of Rahul’s talent isn’t realising his full potential.

KL Rahul needs to be way more harmonious and work on his specialized excrescencies with public platoon trainers, feels former India captain Mohammed Azharuddin.

The 57- time-old Azharuddin, whose elegant wrist work made him a cynosure of justice suckers, is a bit disappointed that a player of Rahul’s gift isn’t realising his full eventuality.

“I suppose thickness is the problem in KL Rahul’s case. But I suppose there are trainers who should amend his excrescencies. In my opinion, he’s a good player but thickness is missing in his game, ” Azharuddin told PTI in an exclusive commerce.

Rahul, who has had a string of poor scores since his transnational comeback, was sailed around his legs for a sedate 39 in the opening ODI against Sri Lanka in Guwahati on Tuesday.

“I suppose Rahul is getting out in a lot of mores. Primarily, it isn’t the good balls that are getting him out. It’s poor shot selection first up that’s causing problems, ” said Azharuddin, who believes that all elderly players should take out time and play domestic justice.

Limited- overs captain Rohit Sharma and megastar Virat Kohli were among runs in the opening ODI and Azharuddin feels that these two will be India’s premier players during the 50- over World Cup at the end of the time.

“Both are veritably good and majestic players and they’ve done well in the history too, as the records say. I do believe Kohli and Rohit will do fairly well in the World Cup. In the ODI format, they’ve always been enough harmonious. ”

Having captained the Indian platoon in two phases and for close to a decade between 1990 to 1999, Azharuddin has a fair idea about people with leadership wit. Hardik Pandya, the new T20I commander is one similar player, according to him.

“Hardik has looked good as a leader and seems that he can carry the platoon along. But he needs to be careful about his reverse as he’d been out for a long time, ” he added.

“India would need Hardik, the each- rounder, and we can’t go to risk injuries. Hardik has got a youthful platoon and that’s the way forward. To forge a winning combination, it’ll need strong collaboration for the forthcoming T20 series. ”

Indian pickers have copped a lot of flak of late and Azharuddin would immaculately like his former teammate and president of pickers Chetan Sharma to clear the air about certain selections so that there’s no nebulosity.

“Surely, Chetan is supposed to be doing at least one or two press conferences and should tell that what’s the way forward for the current Indian platoon, ” he said.

He has now been the chairman of Hyderabad Cricket Association for further than a time but had his share of differences with former India players like Arshad Ayub and Shivlal Yadav with respects to running the administration.

“It has been good so far. We’re fighting to revive the misplaced character of the Hyderabad Cricket Association. We’ve had a lot of work done( in terms of addition) in the colosseum arena as well as dressing apartments. When I took charge, it was each in pathetic condition. We’ll be hosting our alternate transnational match in three months time( vs New Zealand). We’re veritably happy that the BCCI has honored our hard work and matches are being distributed to us, ” Azharuddin said.

It must be mentioned BCCI awards matches to every centre as per its own cooked gyration system and therefore Hyderabad is hosting a T20I and ODI in a short span of time. Know More Cricket News…

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