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IND Vs UAE, U19 Women’s T20 World Cup: India Beats UAE By 122 Runs; Stays On Top Of Group D

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IND vs UAE, U19 Women’s T20 World Cup: Get all the latest updates, scores and from the Group D game between India and United Arab Sri Lanka in Benoni on Monday.

Parshavi Chopra continues. She gives only four mates from this over as the match could only produce one result from then. UAE will look to at parcel cross the 100- run mark in the last two overs.

Soniya Mendhiya, introduced by Shafali, Mendhiya to Lavanya Keny, run out! Trisha Gongadi picks up the ball at the right time and runs out Gaur, who was fur on 26. Four runs along with a gate came from this over.

Parshavi Chopra comes into the attack. Top over from her as two mates along with a wide contributes for a three- run over.

Change of bowling- Mannat Kashyap replaces Shafali Verma. Accurate line from Kashyap as she only gives two runs from the first four deliveries. Kashyap to Mahika Gaur, SIX! Gaur goes down the line and went for an upstanding route to register this delivery for a outside over long- on. 9 off the over, good bone for UAE.

Archana bowls her third over. Another quiet over as only four runs came from this. 14 gone, UAE 64 for 3 after 14. Indian baits have continued what the pace attack had started. They’ve stopped the inflow of the run fully. UAE needs to club more sensibly to at least cross the 100- run mark.

Shafali continues. Shafali to Gaur steers down for a double. Four mates off the last five as six came from this bone.

Archana Devi continues. Archana to Gaur, SIX! this is the intent which you need to show when you’re chasing 220 in 20 over. A good shot as Gaur kept her eyes on the ball till the veritably last moment and went down the ground all the way for a outside. Only a single off the last four deliveries as UAE crosses the 50- run mark.

Captain Shafali comes into the attack. A brilliant over by her to keep the batters in check as she also gave only two runs from her over. The UAE platoon needs to show some intent then as the overs are passing by veritably snappily and it has been relatively some time since when UAE scored a boundary.

Another change in the bowling. Archana Devi comes into the attack as she replaces Titas Sadhu. She kept the tight line, gate to gate and gave only three mates from her over. We’re half down in the UAE chase and now it looks certain that UAE will lose to India by a big periphery.

Mannat Kashyap continues. Kashyap to Rinitha Rajith, OUT! Stumped. Flighted delivery, Rinitha misses it and excellent work by Richa Ghosh behind the lattices to refuse her within a flash. UAE is in deep trouble now. Only 2 off this over.

Titas Sadhu bowls fourth over on the witch. Only two runs were given from her last over of the spell. She ends her spell with the numbers of 4-1-14-1.

The first bowling change for India moment, Mannat Kashyap comes in for Shabnam MD. Three mates off her over as UAE isn’t suitable to find any boundary for quite some time now.

Titas Sadhu bowls her third straight over. An outswinger to start the over, fleck ball. Sadhu to Dharnidharka, OUT! Sadhu gets her first strike, again an outswinger, shaping down gets an outside edge and goes straight to keeper Richa Ghosh, who makes no mistake to catch it. Rinitha Rajith comes in atno. 4 for UAE and sees off the coming four deliveries. A demoiselle over to Sadhu! India finishes on top after the powerplay.

Shabnam MD bowls her third over and gives only two runs from this over as well. Discipline and thickness showed by her to drift at one spot. UAE suddenly finds it veritably delicate to score run. UAE 35 for 1 after 5.

Titash Sadhu continues from the other end. Another brilliant over as she gave just a single off the first delivery and kept hitting the outside-off line to make it delicate for Samaira Dharnidharka to score. UAE was 30 in 2 overs but now it’s on 33 after 4 overs.

Shabnam continues from the other end. She looks much further confident in this over as she starts with a fuller length delivery but couldn’t control the line as it goes for a wide. But a brilliant over to follow as she gave only one single from the rest of the over. Confidence supporter over for her.

Samaira Dharnidharka bowls her third bowler. 14 off the over as Sehrawat starts with a four and Richa hits Dharnidharka for SIX! This is brilliant fur from Richa and Shweta as they led India to 200 runs with 2 overs left. Both of them accelerated at the right time as India now looks for at least 225 runs from then. Know More News…


India: Shafali Verma (c), Shweta Sehrawat (vc), Richa Ghosh (wk), G Trisha, Soumya Tiwari, Sonia Mehdiya, Hurley Gala, Hrishita Basu (wk), Sonam Yadav, Mannat Kashyap, Archana Devi, Parshavi Chopra, Titas Sadhu, Falak Naz, Shabnam

UAE: Theertha Satish (c), Vaishnave Mahesh, Samaira Dharnidharka, Lavanya Keny, Sanchin, Rinitha Rajith, Indhuja Nandakumar, Siya Gokhale, Mahika Gaur, Avanee Patil, Archara Supriya, Rishitha Rajith, Geethika Jyothis, Sanjana Ramesh, Ishitha Zehra.

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