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IND Vs NZ Live Score, 1st ODI Updates: Rohit, Gill Lead India Near 50

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IND vs NZ 1st ODI live score: Get all the latest updates, scores and from the first ODI between India and New Zealand at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Shubman Gill put on a majestic exhibition of power- hitting en route to his double hundred. He reached the corner with a chapeau- trick of sixes off the bowling of his former Gujarat elephants teammate Lockie Ferguson. India ends on 349 for eight. To put effects into perspective, no other Indian batter crossed 35. New Zealand conceded 57 in the last five overs and took two lattices. New Zealand has a mountain to climb. We’ll return with the chase shortly.

Shipley is saluted with a first- ball six by Gill. But he’s caught coming ball trying to go for another big shot! Excellent catch from Phillips in the deep. 10 from the final over with Shami and Kuldeep at the crinkle.

Tickner. Gill’s exhausted but he still has the energy to smack one over the bowler’s head for six. Make that two sixes as Gill continues his swell towards Mt. 200 with a important pull for six. 15 from the over.

Shardul brings up the 300 with a single first ball. But Thakur is run out off the fourth ball. Gill drilled a drive to cover and took off for a single. Thakur was caught ball watching and in the end, offered his gate. Kuldeep Yadav comes to the crinkle. He keeps strike with a single last ball.

Tickner. Gill collects a couple off the alternate ball and runs two further off the third but it’s a short run. Seven from the over.

Sundar has been given out lbw off Shipley’s bowling. Sundar reviews after having a word with Gill. Three reds and Sundar’s a goner. Shardul Thakur is the new man in.

Santner to drift out. Gill’s negotiated him really well. Seven off Santner’s last. Mitchell Santner 10-0-56-1

Bracewell. Sundar will be on strike. He cuts the first ball for a couple. He takes a single coming ball. Gill, you beauty. He gets to 150 off 122 balls, with a six over wide long- on. Ten from the over.

Santner is back. Gill continues to pile on, jewels back and pulls the left- arm incentive for another four. Gill’s handling between the lattices has also been top- notch. Twelve from the over.

Last 10 overs. Five fielders can be outside the circle. Bracewell is back into the attack. Well, well, the bail comes off again as Gill plays a cut shot but renewals confirm that Latham’s gloves brushed the bail first. Gill’s safe. Six from the over.

Mitchell is back for his alternate spell. He sailed a tidy first, conceding 1 for 25 from four. Hardik Pandya’s out ever. This one’s a contentious call but Mitchell has a advance. The ball went into the keeper’s gloves and the bail did come off, but that was off Latham’s gloves. There was no shaft on Ultra Edge, and the ball didn’t brush the off refuse and yet, Hardik’s been given out. Hardik goes for 28. Washington Sundar comes to the crinkle.

Hardik bringing T20 invention to ODI justice. Hardik tries to sway down from one that’s inclination in but the ball takes the edge and flies over fine leg for four. Seven from the over.

Ferguson is back. Hardik rides the brio on the first ball, uses the pace and just cuts it to the third- man hedge for four. Ten coming off it. Meanwhile, the fifty stage is also up between Hardik and Gill.

Shipley to Gill, 2 runs off the first ball. He pulls the coming ball for four. Eight off the over and Hardik retains strike.

Tickner. Four from the over including a wide. Tidy from Tickner. He’s working up some good pace as well.

Shubman Gill moved to 99 by pulling Santner to midwicket for six before bringing up his alternate successive ODI ton with a single coming ball. atrocious innings from the youth and he’s not done yet! 8 from that over.

Daryl Mitchell strikes! Suryakumar Yadav holes out for a 25- ball 31. He participated a 65- run stage with Gill. Hardik Pandya joins Gill. 3 runs and a gate from that over.

Mitchell Santner, New Zealand’s stylish bowler, is back into the attack. Gill moves into the nineties with a pull for four. Rare loose ball from Santner and Gill’s in too good a touch to miss out. Meanwhile, there’s an arbiter referral for stumping against Surya but he’s safe. Loud cheers across the ground.

Daryl Mitchell, 6th bowler, to coliseum some confluence up deliveries. India has gone past the 150- mark. This cooperation between Gill and Suryakumar is also nearing fifty. Eight runs came from the over.

Blair Tickner comes back into the attack. Shubman Gill greets him with a brilliant shot betweenmid-on andmid-wicket for four further. He’s motoring along nicely. Eight from the over.

Lockie Ferguson continues from the other end. Ferguson to Yadav, FOUR! too full and off as Suryakumar Yadav drives over the cover for a boundary. Ferguson to Yadav, FOUR! Surya is going each in as he flicks the inswinger for the alternate boundary of the over. 10 came from this over.

Bowling change! Lockie Ferguson comes in the attack. He replaces Mitchell Santner. Ferguson to Gill, FOUR! this is a tremendous pull shot. He picks up the length and pulls it far for a boundary. When Gill batons with free inflow, there is n’t much a bowler can do. A single to follow. Ferguson to Kishan, OUT! Edged and this time Latham makes no mistake to catch it. Brilliant bowling changes by captain Latham. Kishan was deceived by the sheer pace as he went on his aft bottom to defend the ball the ball goes past him, straight to the keeper. Suryakumar walks in at the number five for India. He gets off the mark with a marvellous shot for a boundary!

Mitchell Santner continues. Santner to Rohit, OUT! Clean sailed! Santner gets a big gate of Virat Kohli. The ball was inclination in and Kohli misgauged this bone as the ball goes straight between the gap and hits the wholes. Big, big gate for New Zealand. Kohli departs for 8. Ishan Kishan comes in the middle at number four. He gets off the mark with a single in the alternate delivery he faced. Three mates and a gate from this over as India is two down under 100 runs.

Henry Shipley comes back into the attack after a break. Shipley to Kohli, FOUR! a welcome boundary for Kohli. This is a beautiful cover drive as Kohli walks out and drives the fuller outside off- ball over covers. Gill makes the utmost of this over as he hit Shipley for back- to- back boundaries. Another big over for India, 13 runs came from it.

Mitchell Santner continues as Latham is mixing spin and pace from both ends. Santner to Gill, FOUR! he waits for the ball to come to him and pulls it to deep backward square- leg for a boundary. Two mates from the coming two balls as Gill comes back to the strike. Santner to Gill, FOUR! this is pure class from him, he steps out and goes to the ball to hit it down the ground. Two mates to end the over as 12 runs came from this over.

Blair Tickner comes to coliseum his fourth over. And straight down he produces the important- demanded advance for New Zealand. Rohit fails to make the utmost of his good launch, yet again. He was a bit late to the full- length ball and when he tries to garret it, the ball went straight to Mitchell Santner. The first gate falls but the crowd is on its bases as Kohli walks in at no. three to join Gill in the middle. Kohli gets off the mark with a single in the fourth delivery of the over. Three runs from this over but India lost its crucial gate.

Another change in the bowling attack. Spinner to drift inside the PowerPlay. Mitchell Santner, left- arm orthodox comes into the attack. Brilliant over to start with as he breaks the inflow of the run and gave only one single from his first over.

Lockie Ferguson continues. And with this, the boundary, per over also continues. Rohit gets a commanding edge and the ball races down for a FOUR! Ferguson gave 16 from his first four overs, all from boundaries.

First bowling change by New Zealand. Blair Tickner, the right- arm fast- medium comes into the attack. Four from his first over. Three mates and a wide contributes for a four- run over as India nears the 50- run mark.

Lockie Ferguson continues. He cramps Gill beforehand on. He continues to bombard Gill with shortish length deliveries but Gill shows some really good defence. Ferguson to Gill, FOUR! Gill continues the band of hitting at least a boundary in an over as this time he leans forward and drives a length ball for a four. Both batters are dealing in boundaries at the moment then.

Henry Shipley continues. Shipley to Rohit, no run. Rohit steers the outside-off delivery to the point. Shipley to Rohit, FOUR! he pulls the short- length delivery over the square leg for a boundary. Three fleck deliveries to follow. Shipley to Rohit, SIX! Rohit cocklofts the fuller length, outdoors- out delivery over covers to hit the first outside for India. 10 runs from this over.

Henry Shipley starts the attack for New Zealand. The 26- time-old is playing his alternate ODI. He starts with a length ball, going down the leg, a wide to start. Wide again, this time outdoors out. Fuller length delivery but Shipley is conditional to pick his line beforehand on. Shipley to Rohit, a better line from him as he continues with the length ball, this time in the middle. Rohit films but no run from the first licit delivery. Shipley isn’t going for short- length deliveries, he’s testing Rohit’s tolerance. Tempting line but Rohit is taking his time as he precisely sees off the first five deliveries. Shipley to Rohit, FOUR! he gets off the mark with a boundary as he drives the low full toss over covers. Know More News…

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