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IND V PAK T20 World Cup 2023: Jemimah, Richa Guide India To 7-Wicket Win Over Pakistan

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IND vs PAK, Women’s T20 World Cup 2023: Get the Live Streaming Info, when and where to watch and telecast details as India faces Pakistan in Cape Town on Sunday.

Alternate loftiest run chase in women’s T20 World Cup history and the loftiest by platoon India and Jemimah, who set up herself out of favour from the Indian set up, is the one to score the winning runs. How about that for lyrical justice!

Fatima Sana comes in for the penultimate over. Will this brace finish the game in this over? Jemimah wants to as she sweeps square for FOUR. This brace isn’t in a rush as they go about this chase in a sensible manner. Fatima allows India runs on a server going suddenly as Jemimah seals the game with two back- to- back boundaries.

Aiman Anwer comes by and given that she’s gone for runs, one can safely anticipate this one to go the same way. There you go. Three boundaries all coming from Richa Ghosh.

Nida Dar comes out for her last over of the day. The scoreboard pressure is there and Richa Ghosh sets out to ease it with a boundary. FOUR. Full delivery transferred to short third, beats a fielder too! Nice work from the youth. Another boundary comes off this over but it comes due to an bottomless misfield. Rodrigues slogs square and Ayesha Naseem and Sidra Ameen make an absolute mess of it as it goes through Ameen’s legs. FOUR. Nida Dar has a lot to complain about moment. 13 runs come off this over.

Sadia returns for her final over. Goes veritably wide and beats Richa on the first ball. How was this not given a wide? Nasser Hussain on comms is also surprised! Richa compensates by transferring the ball to the hedge on the coming ball. Slightly suddenly this bone and it’s transferred to square leg. FOUR. No protection for her there. Hold on Richa might have to make the long walk back. LBW appeal. Lauren Agenbag has raised the cutlet. It goes to the television arbiter. Let’s see. There’s a shaft as the ball passes her gloves. Third decision from Lauren Agenbag that has been capsized.

Fatima Sana in for her third. Two deliveries go quiet for India and Jemimah gives herself space by moving towards the offside and fluttering the ball to the boundary. FOUR. 100 Up for India. Smart fur given that she knew the fielders were moved. Created space and transferred it flying to short fine leg. Richa tries to go big but ca n’t manage it and is veritably frustrated.

Nashra returns for her last over and will hope to break this cooperation. There’s exertion on the first ball. A stumping appeal happens and is transferred to the third arbiter. renewals show no ball contact and her bottom is predicated. No detriment done. Did n’t have a lot going for it that appeal but what’s the detriment in trying! Nashra has not been hit for a boundary. She’ll rejoice with a Gate as Harman holes out to her Pakistan counterpart. She gets intolerant and tries to sweep and ends up throwing up a big edge to short third. Bismah makes no mistake. Richa Ghosh comes out to join Jemimah.

Nida Dar returns. She sailed an redundant ball in her former over. How does one make up? A big discussion will probably postdate about the same but the over first. Jemimah now goes bang- bang as she dispatches a fuller delivery through two fielders for FOUR. Nida comes back keeping it full and on line to try and draw out an error or at the veritably least keep these betters embedded in the crinkle.

Nashra comes on again. Seven runs come off it as the Indian brace looks to pace their innings safely. India cruising at the moment. Where are the improvements for Pakistan?

Fatima Sana returns. Jemimah begins with a single. Harmanpreet has had enough of the safe game and thumps one over cow corner. What a definitive Harman shot this. FOUR. Harman ends the over in the same fashion. Swept fine for FOUR. 11 runs come off the over.

Nashra returns for her alternate. Shafali goes upstanding right at the launch but she finds Sidra Ameen at the ropes. OUT. A pivotal 33- run knock from the 19- time-old comes to an end. A atrocious trouble from Sidra Ameen. Boundary checks are done and the catch is clean. Nice two- handed catch there as she hopped up to get a good hold of that. Not easy these. That brings Harmanpreet to the crinkle. judges have decided to take drinks. The over isn’t over and we might have another gate then. A stumping appeal for Jemimah. Jemimah starts to walk but adjudge sends it upstairs. renewals show Jemimah is within the crinkle when the keeper knocks the bails off.

Aiman Anwar is back for her alternate. Bismah has scattered her fielders now. A nice cut from Jemimah races down to the boundary for FOUR. Nine runs come off the over for India.

IND56/1( 8 overs) Nashra comes in for her first over. Just the three runs off this over as Jemimah and Shafali feel her out. There was a misfield in this over too which blessed India a single. How about that!

Dar returns. She has constantly pitched it up and tries to go full and outdoors out to draw commodity out of the batters, Shafali specifically, but she ends with a neat over, giving down six runs. Hold up.

Sadia Iqbal returns for the last over of the PowerPlay. And Yastika falls at last. She comes down to try and drive this delivery from Sadia but ends up piercing out to Fatima Sana at cover. 10 runs and a gate from this over from Sadia.

Bismah introduces Nida Dar. She’s trying everything in this PowerPlay. There are two deep fielders in place for Yastika. Keeps the deliveries full, looking to recreate the 2- lattices she took against India in the Asia Cup. No lattices, but Shafali gets FOUR runs as she beats the sliding fielder by the boundary line to keep the scoreboard going. Six runs off the over.

Sadia Iqbal returns. Can she break this cooperation? Big appeal on the fourth ball of the over as Shafali seems to have copped one on the pads. Is it going down leg? We assume that’s what the arbiter allowed as she took her time to raise her hand. Shafali reviews. And as suspected, we see the ball’s line going wide off the leg refuse. Good review. Alternate decision by Lauren Agenbag which has been capsized this evening. Ah. Shafali aggravations swab in Pakistan’s injuries by following that baffled appeal with a four- a thick edge, slips through the slip region and runs down for FOUR. Six runs come off the over.

Then comes the Indian chase. Yastika Bhatia and Shafali Verma take guard for India. Will India miss its chase queen, Smriti Mandhana? We ’ll know in a bit. Know More Women Cricket News…

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