2023 ODI World Cup

ICC launches CWC Trophy Tour ahead of 2023 ODI World Cup in India

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The tour will begin in India on June 27 and travel around the globe before heading back to the host nation on September 4.

The ICC Men’s ODI World Cup jewel Tour 2023 has been launched on a massive scale, with suckers given an occasion to interact with the jewel during the three- month-long stint. The 2023 World Cup is listed to be held in India in October and November.

As part of the stint, the jewel was launched 12000 ft above the earth using a balloon before it made a wharf at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad.

Starting on June 27, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup jewel will travel to 18 countries around the world, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, USA, Nigeria, Uganda, France, Italy, the United States of America and the host country India.

On the launch of the jewel Tour, ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardice said, “ The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup jewel Tour is an important corner in the preamble to what will be the biggest ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup ever. ”

“This Tour will see the iconic flatware match heads of countries, launch community enterprise and support justice development programmes in addition to visiting some of the most iconic milestones around the globe. ”

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah added, “ Justice unites India like no other sport and excitement is erecting across the country as we prepare to host the 10 stylish brigades in the world over six weeks of heart- stopping justice. ”

“The Tour will travel considerably across India and seek to inspire communities to partake the excitement of justice’s topmost spectacle, while furnishing an occasion to showcase iconic venues, metropolises and milestones throughout the country. ”

The stint will begin in India on June 27 and travel around the globe before heading back to the host nation on September 4. Know More Latest Cricket News…

The full schedule of the Trophy Tour:

27 June – 14 July: India

15 – 16 July: New Zealand

17 – 18 July: Australia

19 – 21 July: Papua New Guinea

22 – 24 July: India

25 – 27 July: USA

28 – 30 July: West Indies

31 July – 4 August: Pakistan

5 – 6 August: Sri Lanka

7 – 9 August: Bangladesh

10 – 11 August: Kuwait

12 – 13 August: Bahrain

14 – 15 August: India

16 – 18 August: Italy

19 – 20 August: France

21 – 24 August: England

25 – 26 August: Malaysia

27 – 28 August: Uganda

29 – 30 August: Nigeria

31 August – 3 September: South Africa

From 4 September: India

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