Flamengo Fitness Coach Apologises For Bust-Up With Forward Pedro

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Flamengo fitness trainer Fernandez reportedly reprimanded Pedro in the dressing room at the Raimundo Sampaio Stadium about his poor attitude.

Flamengo assistant trainer Pablo Fernandez apologised on Sunday for an altercation with his own club’s forward Pedro after the Brazilian side’s 2- 1 palm at Atletico Mineiro on Saturday.

Flamengo fitness coach Fernandez reportedly reprimanded Pedro in the dressing room at the Raimundo Sampaio Stadium about his poor station after the player sat on the bench unhappy about not coming on as a cover during the Serie A match.

Pedro contended that Fernandez punched him in the face.

Both men were latterly seen arriving at a police station in Belo Horizonte and original media reports said Pedro had filed a formal complaint against Argentine trainer Fernandez.

“I could be then talking about the limited play I ’ve been getting in recent games but what happed moment was more serious than what can be inside the pitch, ” 26- time-old Pedro wrote on his Instagram account.

“Dastardly, without reason and inexplicably, I was attacked with a punch in the face by Pablo Fernandez, a member of Sampaoli’s coaching staff.

“The physical poltroonery has overbalanced the cerebral poltroonery I’ve suffered in recent weeks. ”

The fitness coach apologised on social media on Sunday, admitting the incident and explaining that he replied in a “ high- stress situation ”.

“I could start these words in a thousand ways, but the only bone that really makes sense is to apologise. To Pedro, to the teammates, to the workers and to Flamengo, ” said Fernandez.

“I went into the dressing room veritably worried, wanting to resolve the situation right down and I did it wrong.

“High competition frequently has effects that make us sick. High- stress situations that make us reply and suppose poorly. I don’t mean to put this environment as an reason but as an explanation.

Flamengo’s Argentine trainer Jorge Sampaoli expressed his passions about the incident on his Instagram account.

“I don’t believe in violence as a result. It gets us nowhere. Not in life, not in football, ” he wrote.

“What happed history made me veritably sad. We overshadowed an emotional palm with an internal disagreement whose reasons live, but at this moment don’t count. ”

“I’m the leader of this platoon. It hurts me a lot when two co-workers fight. Trainers don’t just work on tactics, over all, we work to manage groups.

“I haven’t slept allowing about how to help Pedro and Pablo. We’ve an obligation to look after each other. To be better. ”

Pedro has made a name for himself at Flamengo with 93 pretensions in 192 games since joining from Italy’s Fiorentina in 2020.

He helped the Rio de Janeiro club win the Copa Libertadores last time as the platoon’s top arranger in the event.

The forward has scored four times in 13 league games this season but his last thing came against Gremio on June 11, five days after he last played the full 90 twinkles.

Flamengo are alternate in the Brazilian league standings, 12 points behind Botafogo. Know More Football News…

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