FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: England Coach Wiegman Says More To Australia Than Just Sam Kerr

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The fact that Kerr’s goals have not been needed, with forward Hayley Raso stepping up and scoring three, shows that the co-host is strong as a unit, Wiegman said.

Australia has numerous strengths and is just as dangerous with or without striker Sam Kerr on the pitch, England director Sarina Wiegman said as the two sides make their final medications for Wednesday’s Women’s World Cup semifinal.

Kerr, captain and each- time leading goal scorer for the Matildas, has missed much of the event due to injury but has watched on as 10th- ranked Australia has rode a surge of instigation to reach the last four for the first time.

The fact that Kerr’s pretensions haven’t been demanded, with forward Hayley Raso stepping up and scoring three, shows that the co-host is strong as a unit, Wiegman said.

“Of course, she’s a trouble. She’s a veritably good player. So lots of respect. But there’s further than Sam Kerr, because at the end it’s always a platoon performance, ” the Dutchwoman told a press conference on Tuesday.

“And when a platoon does really well, an existent can do indeed better. That’s the same for Australia, it’s the same for England. So it’s a lot of pressure on her because everyone expects effects from her and for her platoon. I suppose Australia grew in the event, too. They had some disappointing situations and had to come back from them. They did really well. So we anticipate a veritably strong Australia hereafter. ”

The clash at Stadium Australia will be memorable no matter what the result, as both sides aim to bespeak their first appearance in a World Cup final.

Wiegman prognosticated a “ tight ” game but was boosted by her platoon having no fitness issues conceivably giving it the edge after Australia went to redundant time and penalties in its quarterfinal against France on Saturday.

“We’ve a fit group, we recovered really well again (from the palm over Colombia), so we will be at out stylish hereafter, physically, and so football-wise, too, ” she said.

England won its first major title at the Euros on home soil last time so it’ll be cautious of Australia being backed by nearly 75,000 suckers in the colosseum, and millions watching at home, hopeless for their side to achieve a analogous feat.

“I don’t suppose they ’re the sacrifice, they play at home, the colosseum will be beautiful. I suppose there’s two brigades that are veritably good and veritably strong and have grown into the event, ” Wiegman said.

“So I suppose it’s going to be veritably tight and it’s going to be veritably, veritably competitive. And we approach the game as any other game, we prepare how we want to play, we analysed our opponents really well. So hopefully we can take out the strengths and exploit some sins. ” Know More Latest Women’s Football News…

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