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Fans Saddened By World Cup Stadium Beer Ban In Qatar

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Football fans in Qatar for the World Cup were left gasping by a stadium beer ban which was ordered by organisers on Friday, just two days before the tournament kicks off.

Football suckers in Qatar for the World Cup were left heaving by a colosseum beer ban which was ordered by organisers on Friday, just two days before the event kicks off. The last- nanosecond decision to stop the trade of beer around the eight FIFA World Cup colosseums was reportedly made on the orders of Qatar’s ruling royal family. Ecuador addict Diana, 31, told AFP she was burdened by the ban as she’d have liked to have had a drink ahead of her country’s match with hosts Qatar which opens the World Cup.

” That is relatively sad because, you know, with this rainfall and all the excitement we have, of course we want a beer at least formerly,” she said.

Her compatriot Amelia, 22, said” it’s going to be like a artistic shock” not to be suitable to drink alcohol at her country’s games.

Behind a white pergola that will serve as a new synagogue , a digger and a couple of forklift exchanges lie abandoned against a background of hundreds of little cabins that act boat holders and which thousands of suckers will call home over the coming weeks.

Positioned 20 kilometres west of Doha along the Dukhan trace and close to the Al Rayyan Sports Club where Iran are training, mess fencing surrounds the complex which is buffeted at a couple of ends by a vast breadth of beach, debris and dirt that’s still to be cleared. It makes for an hideosity and clearly gives the print of a point that has been scrabbling to get finished in time.

Quite what the suckers who have paid£ 172 a night for a double cabin for two suppose when they begin to arrive remains to be seen. It’s clearly not going to win any awards for salubriousness and is a far cry from the luxuriant Fairmont and Chedi hospices, with their broad lookouts on Doha’s riverfronts, where Fifa’s high command are staying during the event.

Some spa outfit has been laid out on the cheap looking green astroturf laid down near the venue’s entrance and, behind it, there a movable Starbucks van and a large tented dining hall where food will be served. A range of cookeries are promised as well as fast food similar as pizzas and burgers.

One of the on point organisers said security guards would patrol the area and that safety would not be a concern. “ Security wo n’t be an issue, ” he said. “ There will be guards who’ll stop people coming in ”. Some of those guards told this bystander not to take filmland, descending snappily when a phone camera came out.

The Mall of Qatar resides a five nanosecond walk down while the colosseum itself towers up in the background. England and Wales are due to play there on November 29 although sympathizers of both countries may want to brace themselves if they’ve reserved accommodation at the Rawdat Al Jahhaniya addict vill. It should give the rudiments but not much more.

” It’s not banned in utmost countries around the world,” she added.” But we’ve to admire their culture and their rules.”

Qatar is an Islamic state which oppressively restricts alcohol consumption and other areas of public life and response among locals in Doha was mixed.

” I suppose it should be allowed because like there are numerous people from each over the world coming then,” said 26- time-old Ayu Whazir.

” And, you know, preliminarily FIFA have been dealing alcohol intimately.”

still Hashem Walid, 20, wasn’t bothered about a decision which has left the anticipated one million suckers set to visit the country unfit to engage in the customary quaffing before and after matches. Know More Sports News…..

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