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CSK vs GT IPL Final: Rain Pushes Chennai vs Gujarat Match Into Reserve Day

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If there is no play possible on Monday, GT will be declared champion by virtue of having finished ahead of CSK in the league table.

Torrential rains led to the holdback of the Indian Premier League final between the Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings at the Narendra Modi Stadium to Monday.

On Sunday, dark shadows started swimming around the arena an hour- and-a-half before the listed match launch time of 7.30p.m. And within 30 twinkles, suckers who had nearly filled three- fourths of the humongous colosseum were searching for cover.

The rain, accompanied by strong winds, conceded around 9p.m., and important to the sympathizers ’ joy, covers went off and players trooped on to the turf for their warm- ups.

But their expedients were snappily dashed as the welkin opened up again and the rain continued intermittently into the night, turning vast swathes of ground into atomic pools.

On Monday, the same playing conditions as on the original day will apply. In case there’s a rainfall dislocation again, the final can start as late as9.35p.m. without any reduction in the number of overs. A five- overs-a-side contest can begin at 12.06a.m. (Tuesday).

According to the IPL’s Match Playing Conditions Briefing Note, circulated for the 2022 edition but not available in the public forum for 2023, in the eventuality of there being no chance of holding indeed a five- overs-a-side match, the destination of the jewel can be decided via a Super Over, conditions permitting.

Still, GT will be declared champion by virtue of having finished ahead of CSK in the league table, If there’s no play. Those thousands of suckers who awaited well into the night to catch a regard of their favourite cricketers bedazzle will surely want the title to be decided fair and square and on the pitch.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) may be playing its 10th Indian Premier League final, against Gujarat Titans (GT) then on Sunday, but head trainer Stephen Fleming admitted that there were still a many butterflies in the stomach.

“It’s a big occasion. The game doesn’t change but the outgrowth does, ” Fleming said on Saturday.

“It’s hard not to look too far ahead and dream of winning it again. It’s what we set out to do at the launch. That’s our purpose. ”

“We’re just trying to contain that excitement and stay in the present. That’s one of the great challenges. Gujarat is an excellent side, the most harmonious this season, and we can’t go to conjure too important.

“But this is why we’re then and the jitters of the big stage just poach down. It’s a good thing to have. It’s just about how you work with it and sink into the game. ”

This season in Chennai, CSK has had to deal with tricky pitches, and Fleming said that had made the four- time champion a better side.

“(In the history) we geared ourselves up so well for Chennai that we plodded in different conditions. The tests were always a bit of a challenge and our record is about 50 in winning them.

“This time we’re a bit more rounded and we had to be because of that reason (playing in Chennai). I wanted to drift in the last qualifying game (vs. Delhi centrals) but fur proved to be the right call. In that last game (vs. GT), MS (Dhoni) was that way. So we were well off the mark in trying to get the conditions right.

“But the platoon is rounded enough, and come the final, we aren’t as upset about what conditions we’re going to get. We’re a lot better placed than we’ve been in the history. ” Know More Latest IPL News…

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