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Antonio Conte Outburst: Tottenham To Decide Head Coach’s Future Following Southampton Rant

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Antonio Conte believes some players are happy to stay in the comfort zone and settle for mediocrity, no matter who is the coach; Conte also believes if the culture at a club is not right then the club is never going to be successful.

Sources close to Conte contend he didn’t speak out on Saturday because he wants Tottenham to sack him. rather, his commentary reflected what he has felt for a long time and he didn’t intend to attack the players or the board.

The Italian’s contract is over at the end of this season but there’s a sense he could depart the club much sooner.

Conte is at home in Italy for a many days during the transnational break. He has always flattered himself on snappily erecting a winning intelligence wherever he has worked and he’s veritably disappointed that he has not been suitable to do this at Spurs.

Conte believes some players are happy to stay in their comfort zone and settle for mediocrity, no matter who’s the trainer. He also believes if the culture at a club isn’t right also the club is no way going to be successful.

Last season Tottenham finished explosively to catch Arsenal and this season was supposed to be one where they erected on that. That has not happed and rather, Arsenal players have learned and developed, whereas Spurs have settled for mediocrity.

Arsenal bounced back from last season’s disappointing end with hunger and ambition, subscribing players with a winning intelligence to ameliorate their team.

On the other hand, Tottenham went backwards. There has been no enhancement in intelligence, station and hunger. New players have brought problems or complaints and the players’ station has always been an issue at Spurs.

Tottenham don’t play again for a fortnight and that has given president Daniel Levy a short period of time to decide whether he should take any action against Conte.

Players and staff are presently on a pre-scheduled two days out and will report back to the training ground on Tuesday, which would have been the case anyhow of the result.

Tottenham’s collapse at St Mary’s limited off a miserable March in which they were ditched out of both the FA Cup and the title holders League to leave them without a jewel since 2008.

Tottenham winger Dejan Kulusevski insists he’s” absolutely” happy to continue playing under Conte and says he respects his head trainer’s commentary.

Asked if he was offended by Conte’s words, Kulusevski said” No, because I know what I bring to the platoon every day. I know I prepare myself to do as well as I can and that is why I can always look at myself in the glass.

“occasionally I know I do not play good enough and I can take responsibility for that, but what he said is for him, that is his words, but I admire him.”

The Sweden transnational was brought to Spurs by Conte in January 2022 and played an important part in helping the club to finish in the top four last season.

“He was veritably disappointed, as we were as players, and we’ve to accept that. We lost in the mugs and went out of the titleholders League, so I know we’ve to occasionally be sad and angry, and that is how he took it. notoriety differently would take it another way. We’ve to admire his words.”

“Despite Conte’s rant, he was not awaiting to be sacked and what’s arising now is that could be veritably possible.

“He does not suppose he is picking on individualities when he is talking about this, when he’s criticising certain effects about the club, but he feels it’s the culture, which is commodity he has mentioned numerous times before in press conferences. Know More Latest News…

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