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“Win The World Cup For Virat Kohli”: Virender Sehwag Tells India Players

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Just like the Indian team won the 2011 World Cup for Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag wants the players to do the same for Virat Kohli this time.

The preamble for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 has begun, with the schedule for the mega event out. Having last won the World Cup when the event was held at home( incompletely), India would look to hurdle on a great occasion to end their ICC jewel failure. As the medication for the event gets serious, former India star Virender Sehwag wants the platoon to try and win this World Cup for Virat Kohli, much like the 2011 platoon had done for Sachin Tendulkar.

In a converse on Sports after the advertisement of the schedule of the World Cup, Sehwag stressed how Kohli is not just a great player but also a person who always tries to help others.

“Everyone needs to win this World Cup for Virat Kohli. The kind of great player he is, a great human being also, he always helps other players”, he said.

Sehwag also drew parallels between Kohli and Tendulkar, explaining how both always gave their 100 percent on the pitch.

“Virat Kohli is analogous to Sachin Tendulkar. The way he plays, the way addresses, the way he approaches the game. His passion, and his fidelity is unthinkable. He gave his 100 all the time. He helped cricketers, he’s great in everything”.

“Whenever Virat Kohli plays big events he gave everything and further than everyone in the platoon. I am sure he’ll be agitated for this world. And whenever he goes in this world mug and people will cheer and supports him a lot”.

When asked if Kohli could go on to break Tendulkar’s record of scoring the most number of tons in ODI World Mugs, Sehwag said that it was relatively possible.

“Possible, I always tell youths and my children to learn from Virat Kohli. He noway throws his gate and plays till the end”, he said.

The coming three months are going to be challenging for the Indian platoon as it leads up to the ODI World Cup. While there will be quite a many openings coming its way, Virender Sehwag believes that Rohit Sharma’s men should consider each and every institution as a ‘ knockout game ’, going forward.

The 2011 World Cup- winning platoon, of which Sehwag was a member, too, had followed a analogous approach and that ultimately worked for the side. “ When Gary Kirsten came in as our trainer in 2008, we were three times down from the World Cup. But for those three times, we took every game like a knockout game and went on to win utmost of the events and bilateral series, allowing that we will have to win each and every game, ” Sehwag said at the event launch on Tuesday.

“I suppose from moment if India takes every ODI like a knockout game, it’ll be easier for them when they actually reach the knockouts of the World Cup. That mindset will take the pressure off in the knockouts ”

Ignoring the days of 2011 World Cup, Sehwag stated that Kirsten allowed each and every player to express themselves and exercise in whatever way that suited them. “ also, Rahul Dravid knows how to manage his players and get the stylish out of them. Once the player hits the ground, if he performs well also the trainer gets appreciated. But if he fails, also the trainer gets slammed. We reached the WTC final, but nothing is talking about the fact that reaching the final doubly in a row itself is a big deal. But we’re all talking about the defeats and questioning Dravid, ” Sehwag said.

“He’s been an outstanding player, but as a trainer, he doesn’t go out there and play, it’s up to the players. School kaa naam preceptors nahi banate, bachhe banate hai jo wahan se padke jaate hai (A academy is known for its scholars, not preceptors) and achieve success, ” Sehwag said, indicating that it’s a analogous policy for cricketers as well. Know More Latest Cricket News…

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