FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Norway’s Graham Hansen Apologises For Lashing Out At Coach

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Hansen was brought on as a second-half substitute at Hamilton’s Waikato Stadium, but the 0-0 draw left Norway teetering at the exit of the tournament.

Norway winger Caroline Graham Hansen has apologized for lashing out at trainer Hege Riise after being dropped to the bench for Tuesday’s scoreless draw with Switzerland at the Women’s World Cup.

The 28- time-old was brought on as a alternate- half cover at Hamilton’s Waikato Stadium, but the 0- 0 draw left the former titleholders teetering at the exit of the event.

Graham Hansen vented her frustrations in a television interview after the final whoosh.

“I just want to apologise for my statements after the match. I ’m just a mortal being with a lot of passions, ” she told journalists on Tuesday.

“Feelings got the better of me. I took the focus down from what matters, and that’s being then to play the World Cup. ”

Graham Hansen said she still “ explosively dissented ” with the trainer’s decision to leave her out of the starting line- up.

“But I admire that the trainer decides, and she has the right to do what’s stylish, ” she added.

“I know it causes uneasiness around the platoon when I speak out as I did history. It was. not the rational me. ”

Graham Hansen, who won the titleholders League with Barcelona last month, also addressed her comment on Tuesday that she had been dealt a raw deal since Riise took over.

“A time ago, I was removed from the leadership group as one of the first effects Hege did, ” she said.

“I also dissented with that, but it wasn’t applicable to history, and shouldn’t have been appertained to. So I apologise for that.

“I want to do everything to help Norway further. ”

Riise said she accepted the player’s reason and said Graham Hansen was still part of her plans for Norway’s final Group A match against the Philippines in Auckland on Sunday.

“She’s authentically sorry for her emotional outbursts, not only now, but also a bit back in time, ” Riise said.

“There’s no reason why this can not be a success story. We had a crash, now it has to be reset, and also we will continue working forward. ”

Graham Hansen’s commentary came at the end of a delicate night for Riise, who lost former Ballon d’Or winner Ada Hegerberg to a groin injury just before onset.

“The first examination by a physiotherapist and croaker shows that it was absolutely right not to play the match, ” platoon croaker

Trygve Hunemo said of the 28- time-old striker.

“We’ll set up a plan throughout the week to optimise the openings for Ada to play on Sunday. ” Know More Latest Women’s Football News…

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