Best Sports News in India 2022

India lives in its sports. Due to the recent progress in different sports fields, the Indian government and common people are indulging more in sports. Therefore, there is an emergence of different sports-related things throughout the country. Hence, media is also indulging in telecasting sports news and events in a broad way so that the audience becomes more engaged with this. This is the cause of the rise of separate sports channels and sites and their popularity. In this article, you will know about top 13 sites and channels for the best sports news in India 2022.

What are the Top 13 Websites and Channels for the Best Sports News in India 2022?

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Top 10 Websites for Sports News in India:

The list of the top 10 sports news sites in India is as follows:


The site is one of the most popular because of its professional service and perfect approach to sports. Here you can search and watch live sports and get numerous updates and news about popular sports. The site is also renowned for its attractive user interface and HD picture quality.

2., owned by Times internet, is a famous Indian news website for cricket. The site has a mobile application where watchers can stream live cricket matches and check team and player ranking. Besides, the site also allows viewers to explore articles, feature news, and many more cricket-related topics.


The site falls under the category of Ten Sports network, which is owned by Zee Entertainment. The site is popular for streaming live telecasts of football and cricket. With a viewer base of 150+ million, the site is one of the top 10 best sports news broadcasting sites in India.

4. NDTV Sports

The name is pretty common among sports enthusiasts in India. Owned by the NDTV news channel, is a popular sports broadcasting site that covers sports news, sports results, live scores and many more. Due to its prompt service, it has gained one of the top positions in the market of Indian sports.

5. Kreedon

If you want to get daily sports updates, then Kreedon can be the perfect choice for you. The site offers exclusive news, videos and photos of sports in India at every level. Therefore, the site can provide detailed information about sports, and even it offers published sports articles and news from different newspapers.

6. ESPN Cricinfo

ESPN Cricinfo is a global platform for checking the live updates, information and scores of cricket matches. However, the platform is quite popular among Indian audiences too. The site is one of the top credible sources universally for cricket matches.

7. TOI Sports

TOI Sports is a digital representation of the Times of India, one of India’s most popular media and entertainment networks. The site is well-known for providing all kinds of sports updates along with live broadcasting of popular sports events in India.


This North American sports site is quite popular in India, and it provides a great deal of news on different sports. These include Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Tennis, Boxing, Arena Football, World Cup, MLB, NFL, Football etc. Thus you can watch any sort of global sports through this site.


The site is influenced by the Indian Olympic Association and mainly for the news of the Indian Olympics. Here you can get the records of the players who performed in the Olympics and their winnings. Besides, it also provides all the latest news and updates about the Olympics.


Another popular sports news site is which provides news and updates on 30 different sports in India. The site also has huge popularity on social media, which empowers its further growth.

However, apart from all these sites, there are separate channels that telecast live sports and news on popular sports in India. The discussion is in the next segment.

Top 3 Sports Channels in India:

The list of the top 3 sports channels in India is as follows:

1. Star Sports 1

Owned by Star India, Star Sports 1 is one of the most popular sports broadcasting channels and officially broadcasts Indian cricket. During IPL, the channel reaches its top viewing record of almost 400 million viewers.

2. Sony Ten 3 HD

Sony Ten 3 HD is the official sports channel of Sony Pictures Network. Apart from Indian matches, the channel broadcasts cricket matches from Australia, England, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. It also telecasts the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

3. DD Sports

Governed by the Central Production Centre Delhi, DD Sports is one of India’s oldest sports broadcasting channels. The site provides the broadcasting and news of popular sports in India, such as football, cricket, etc., along with international sports.


Thus, hope this guide on the top 15 websites and channels for the best sports news in India 2022 has given you a comprehensive idea about the Indian sports broadcasting industry. Therefore, you can easily browse any of the sites or watch the channels on television to get the latest news about sports.